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June 2014   

Academic Awards -- Mike Wills and Vinay Groodoyal

English    Emma Basic                        French     Lauren Riha


P1    Dejan Nikolic                   P2    Antonija Jakova        Room 21    Chelsea Moore

TDSB Schools On The Move Athlete Award -- James Fisher

Male    Connor Hillis                    Female    Taylor Chira

Citizenship Award -- Chris Minifie

Brandon Compta

Principal's Award for Leadership -- Greg Freeman

David Walji

Expressive Arts Award -- Leanne Slempers and Stephanie Kribs

Carly Wawrow            Ashtar Esmander

Most Improved Student Award -- Lovenia Gorman and Tatiana Carapet

English    Alex Ceho                    French    Stefan Prica


Please note - the following is a reminder to review safety procedures with your child at the beginning of the summer
On Thursday, June 26th, 2014 at about 9 AM in the area of Millwood Junior School, a male was observed in the area
who spoke with a female student who attends the school.  There was no criminal offence committed in this matter, nor does there appear to any cause for concern, but this male had not been identified so it is unknown whether or not he had legitimate business in the area.


Description of the unknown male:


Male brown, possibly East Indian, 20-30 years old, possibly speaks with an accent, has a lazy eye and a ‘soul patch.’  The male had a thin build, and was about 6 feet tall. 


Parents and children are reminded to be vigilant of unknown persons in the area of the school, and to notify school authorities or Police of any suspicious persons in the area.  This male may be a parent or a local resident, but no conclusions can be inferred until this person is identified.  And again, if this person is known to you, or if there are other incidents, please report them to school authorities or Police.

Meet and Greet - Mr. Pinkney

Mr. Pinkney, the incoming Principal for Millwood Junior School next year, is going to be visiing Millwood on Wednesday afternoon.  Come and join us from 3:00 - 3:30 PM in the Millwood lobby to meet and to introduce yourself to Mr. Pinkney.

Last Trip Through Junglesports

Gr 1 + 2's Enjoying Jungle Sports




SCHOOL COUNCIL MEETING - Thurs, Apr 24th 6:00 - 7:00 
Gr 2/3 Spring Fling - 7:00 - 8:00 - in Gym

EARTH DAY - Tuesday, April 22 - Community Clean Up

International Day of Pink

As you can see, Millwood was bathed in a Sea of Pink to mark International Day of Pink - brought about to eradicate bullying in schools.  What an important message Millwood. 

April 6 - 12 - National Volunteer Week

I would like to take this opportunity to formally recognize and thank all the volunteers in the Millwood Community who have been very giving of their time in supporting the Millwood students and the teachers and the programs in place here at Millwood.  We are all here to work together for one common goal - to enrich the lives of students.


Usually at this time of year our focus turns to our enrolment for next year as we consider setting up our school organization.  Because of the Ministry Cap Size on classes, we must be as accurate as possible as to who will be here in September.  If you are planning a move over the summer or think you might not be here in September, please advise the office in writing so we can plan accordingly.

Edge Studio Day - Tuesday, April 8th

Day of Pink - April 9th

There will be a series of announcements about the importance of our ANTI-BULLYING messages in relation to the Day of Pink and also to encourage students to wear pink on April 9th to stand up against Bullying


Welcome Back

I hope that everyone had a wonderful March Break - despite nature's little surprise last Wednesday!!  As we begin the final stretch, please revisit the goals that you established at the beginning of the year with your child to chart the next steps to ensure success during the Term 2 Reporting Period.

Parking Lot

When the weather is bad, please reflect on whether you need to access the parking lot.  This morning, predictably, the ice and rain created a slippery situation in which some cars and trucks had difficulty leaving the lot.  This resulted in much frustration.  This is a reminder that it might be faster to park on one of the side streets and walk your child to the school.

Bus Loop

Thanks to Officer Rick for coming by 3 days last week to work in our Bus Loop and educate parents about how to make effective use of the loop.  He handed out flyers reminding parents to remain in their cars and to have their child ready to get out on the sidewalk side where the supervisors are.  The circulation in the loop was much better.  Let's keep it that way.

There is no School Council Meeting in February

Next Meeting - March 20, 2014

Congratulations to Rm 23 -  Winter Walk Day

Highest Participation Rate of students walking to school.

Wednesday is Winter Walk Day across Canada.  The Millwood class with the highest number of students who walk to school will win the Emerald Slipper.  Come on Millwood - let's walk to school on Wednesday.  This will help to raise awareness of the importance of walking - and lesson the unnecessary traffic around Millwood.

Parent Tips on Reading

This is a reminder to visit the Classroom Web Pages to see what you can to at home to help your child with his/her reading.  I have included a weekly 'tip' that may be of some help.


We are having to remind students to always say, "Please" and "Thank You" when at school and to always be polite and respectful.  We have noticed that these responses are not as automatic as they should be.  Parents, you can help us by working together and reinforcing these core values at home as well.

Kindergarten Gates

There is a workorder in to repair the locks on the Kindergarten gates by Room 23.  Please use caution when dropping students off and keep the gates closed as much as possible.  With all the doors being locked during the day, there is much more foot traffic cutting through the Kindergarten yard.  



See the Classroom Web Pages link for 'strategies' you can use at home to help your child with reading.

* * * * *


****Junior Kindergarten Registration will be in February, 2014. In January, registration packages will be available. Students born in 2010 and living in the Millwood area are welcome to come and pick up a registration package and sign up for a meeting time in February. For further information please call the office at 416-394-7070.****

The most current information on Millwood is found on the Principal's UPDATE. Please check out the link weekly as the activities, sports, and current events for Millwood are included.

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Congratulations Millwood on the Successful Fundraiser for
Youth Without Shelter
We raised just over $2 000. which will provide over 80 nights worth of shelter.

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