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(YOU are invited!)

Please join us for a "Connected Parenting Workshop" with Jennifer Kolari on Monday June 13th from 7:00 - 8:00pm in the Martingrove CI Auditorium (50 Winterton Drive). Ms. Kolari is an author and therapist who has been helping children, teens and families get connected for 20 years. For more information see her website at

You will learn practical and useful strategies to help you de-escalate behaviour while building trust and emotional resilience. Ms. Kolari's presentations are always relevant, humorous and empowering.

Ms. Kolari spoke at MCI last year and the feedback was so good that we have asked her back to share more parenting techniques and examples.

Thank You,

The School Councils of Martingrove CI, John G. Althouse and Princess Margaret JS
Many of you will remember how much we all enjoyed Ms. Kolari's work and presentation earlier this year when we hosted her along with a local Catholic school at Silverthorn. The feedback I received from our evening was overwhelmingly positive. Our evening was a huge success.

Here is another chance for you to see her (again) and ask her those tough parenting questions we all struggle with.


In celebration of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Millwood JS and the Millwood Home and School Association have planned an Olympic play day event for Thursday, June 9th at Centennial Stadium. Students will participate in a day of games with modified equipment to allow for hands on experience with Olympic events.

All students will walk with their class to Centennial Stadium for this event. Volunteers are required to help throughout the day, sign up at (click "find a sign up" in right hand corner, search by email using, pick your spot)

Students will not enter the school before walking to the Centennial on June 9th, therefore, backpacks should have
water bottle, lunch, sunscreen, hat, and students should be wearing running shoes upon arrival to school. All books, school work and materials should be left at home.

It was great to see some new faces at School Council in May. Remember we would love for all of you to get involved in either the School Council or our dynamic Home and School Association. 

Both groups have significant roles to play and you are all welcome to join either one. That being said our Home and School Association raises the funds that gives our students unique opportunities so if you are able to actually volunteer and help the H+S group it would be MUCH appreciated.

Thank you!

Congratulations to Nevena and Meryem whose writing has been selected for publication in this year’s Canadian Vistas!

Canadian Vistas is a student anthology filled with the writing and art of ESL/ELD students from across the Toronto District School Board.

These students’ writing will be celebrated at the Canadian Vistas launch on June 9th, 2016. They will each receive copies of Canadian Vistas and copies of the publication will be given to Millwood Junior School.

Congratulations Nevena and Meryem and "Thank you!" to Ms. Haslett for her work with many of our students.

Our "Everyone is An Athlete Olympics" will take place on June 9th at Centennial Park Stadium. We will be asking for volunteers. More details will come for this unique Millwood tradition. This day will not be tied to our Millwood Track and Field team. The Opening Ceremonies are slated for the 7th.

It has come to our attention that some parents/family friends like to save time at the end of day by cutting through the Kindergarten yard. Please DO NOT walk through the Kindergarten yards as we always want to ensure that our kindergarten students are all accounted for and are all with us at all times. This is one of the reasons why the kindergarten play areas are all fenced as they are. Thank you for helping to ensure our students are safe.

The Fun Fair was a big success. Thank you all very much for supporting our school. We loved seeing a lot of familiar faces and some new faces too.

A special thank you to all of the staff and parents that volunteered their time, donated items for the Silent Auction, connected with local businesses for sponsorship opportunities and much more.

Of course a massive thank you to Catherine Weber, Stephanie Nylas, Julia Huttram, Dong Lee, Brad Gibson, Katie Groulx, Karen Krawczyk, Karen Andrews, Susan Steele, Shauna Kalirai, Phil Weber, PG Whitefield, Thomas Beaman, Natasa Pirnat, Marisa Salituro and Amy Ferguson who led the day in too many ways to list.

Our Home and School Association is a significant partner in our students' successes. We would love to see you commit your time and expertise to make a difference as part of our team. Come join the fun (and hard work :)  )!

If your child ever brings a Chromebook home accidentally please have them return it to the school the next day. 

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Thank you all very much for your input regarding the changing of the school day at Millwood. Principals and vice-principals often end up making decisions such as these by simply doing what they believe is best for kids. In other cases entire Boards of Education, or School Districts, unilaterally have made changes such as the ones we proposed to you all because of their researched opinions.

However, at Millwood we hope that you all know, and all feel that, it was important for Kim and I to get all of your ideas and feelings before making changes such as these. We certainly didn’t want to make any decisions related to these issues in a rash manner. Over the past few months we reviewed the possible changes with our staff, we discussed the ideas with School Council, we held one meeting before school and one meeting in the evening where we sought your opinions, and we sent out a survey so that we could understand the reasons why you did or didn’t support the changes. Of course our doors have always been open and many of you have come to speak to us directly with your supportive ideas.

On its own the process that we have undergone together has been most rewarding. We have received written feedback from a high percentage of our families and almost every staff member. Whether the feedback was in support of the changes or against the changes there were a lot of passionate responses on both sides of the two questions. We appreciate that many of you took the time to share your family stories, your research and your ideas and for that we truly thank you. It was fantastic to see the commitment to our school and our students through your lens.

As you all likely know, the results of the survey were never intended to be the sole determinant in how we plan on moving forward. It was your thoughts, along with our ideas, that would be the driving force for our next steps. We have stated that repeatedly.

That being the case, the results of the survey questions that were returned to the school are worth sharing. 55% per cent of you are in favour of changing the school times to an earlier start time and an earlier dismissal time. Close to 70% of you are in favour to change the structure of the school day . When given the same survey our staff was overwhelmingly in favour of both changes.

However, as stated on many occasions these numbers were never going to be looked at in isolation. Your ideas on both sides of the argument spoke volumes.

For that reason we are going to proceed as follows:

1) 2016-2017 – There will be no change to the school day or to the school day structure.
2) 2017-2018 – The school day structure will change and the school day may shift slightly earlier.

Please note that all of our plans with regard to these issues are subject to change. There are circumstances that are beyond our control that we don’t foresee as affecting Millwood at this time. An example of such a case would be an externally mandated bus schedule change.

Once again thank you very much for your passionate responses on both sides of the issues. We appreciate working with you all every day and recognize that Millwood is a great school in large part because of your efforts, ideas and contributions.

Kimberly Lee and Colin Pinkney – Vice Principal and Principal, Millwood JS



BYOD-Bring Your Own Device

Some of our students know as much or even more about the devices in our homes and at Millwood than we all do. There is no doubt that many of our students are and will be leaders in the world of technology. Based on our experiences in #geniushour and our conversations with our children the students in general at Millwood, we want to take the technology they use in their daily lives and make it a part of their classroom experience. Educational research consistently demonstrates that if students are given new opportunities that are available with some technological choices their achievement levels rise. It is our goal to move beyond simply doing what we did in the past to help our students learn.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) allows children to access the technology they are familiar with in new and educational ways. BYOD would not be a chance for your children to engage in any kind of activities that would not deal with the learning goal of the class.

It is important for you to know that students are not required to BYOD. Instead, we invite you to send your child to school with a personal device. Devices and other technology are available for student to use at school.

Digital citizenship

We are always concerned with the possibility of our children damaging or losing their devices. By taking specific steps and having clear strategies for how our devices are stored and used we can minimize any risk. However, ultimately students are responsible for damaged, lost or stolen personal electronic devices just as they would be with their outdoor clothing or any other personal items they bring to school. At other sites in the Toronto District School Board many students help ensure that their devices are safe by purchasing protective cases for them and having clear routines with their teachers.

Safety First!

Please remember to follow the rules of the road at the end of the day!

The safety of our kids is of paramount importance. It is important that you follow the parking and other road rules in and around the school. Please also be sure not to leave your car at any point in the bus loop. Poor decisions with your car could have drastic consequences. If you are in a rush after school please plan ahead.

Don't be surprised if members of the Toronto Police Services are around in the upcoming weeks. Along with the students being safe, we don't want anybody to get a ticket!

Thank you.

Check out Mr. Pinkney's Update for information from the Toronto District School Board. Topics and details relate to unique programs that are available and more...


We are now only sending forms and information out to our YOUNGEST & ONLY students. This initiative is part of our amazing Eco-School team's work as we push toward becoming a Platinum-level Eco-School. Thank you for your understanding and support of our small, but significant, steps.

Our teachers all have websites that they maintain. Please be sure to have a look at their sites regularly so that you know what they want to be sure you are aware of.

Also please follow the Twitter feed on the right side of this page for the most frequent little updates.

Don't forget that we have several books in my office specifically for you. Several parents have started to sign out books which is fantastic. The books relate to many pressing issues including positive discipline with your kids and raising an anxious child.


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Subway Lunches - Friday

May 6, 20

June 3, 24

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Pizza Lunches - Friday

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