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See you back at school on Tuesday, September 5th!

Welcome to Mary-Ann Cheung our new half-time vice-principal. She will also be working half-time as the vice-principal at Bloordale. I worked with Ms. Cheung when I was the principal at Lambton Park as she facilitated many discussions and learning opportunities for TDSB superintendents, administrators, and teaching staff as part of the TDSB's Model Schools Program. Since that time she has done an outstanding job as the vice-principal at Hilltop. I am thrilled that she is joining our staff.

That being said we are saddened by the fact that some of our staff are leaving Millwood.

We wish Kimberly Lee the very best as she moves on to become the vice-principal at Hollycrest. Ms. Lee has gone above and beyond on a consistent basis to support all our students, our staff, our parents, and me over the past three years. She will be missed tremendously by all, but we recognize that Hollycrest will provide many new and exciting challenges for her as she continues to her path towards becoming a principal.

We also wish the best to Mme. Liddell who has worked at our school for the past 19 years in a variety of roles. Most recently she has principally worked with our younger French Immersion students to give them extra opportunities to be successful with their new language. 

Ms. Calderone, Mr. Lau, Mme. Wald and Ms. Campos are all finished their long-term occasional contracts with us and we hope they all find full-time teaching contracts as they desire. All four of them helped make our school a better place to be and added a lot of new learning opportunities for our students (and often for our staff as well)!

Ms. Gorenkoff who has done a great job as a new member of our office team this past year, will be working on a full-time basis at Humberwoods Down Academy in 2018-2019. We know that she will be a welcomed addition to that school office.

Mme. Hassan is taking a year off to be with her family and loved ones and will return in 2018-2019.

Our Meet The Teacher Night in 2017-18 is on Wednesday September 13th.

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Please get involved! We LOVE our volunteers. We hope that everyone can make a positive difference for our students in some way. Thank you for your support!


Lunch Timing...
11:45 Students outside
12:20 Bell rings to bring them in
12:25 Students eat their lunches in their classrooms
12:45 Class begins again



If you require any assistance contact the Parent Help Desk at 1-866-961-1803


Along with sending your child with a boomerang lunch please consider supporting our push to use water bottles that can be used again and again. In all of our classes students can drink throughout their school day to stay hydrated and to help their brains and bodies work to their potential.

School Council Executive:

Joanne Azevedo-Vaz (Co-Chair) e-mail Ms. Azevedo-Vaz here
Jennifer Ng (Secretary)

English Stream Co-Chair to be elected in September 2017

The chain goes across our Parking Lot every morning between 8:45 and 9:15 for safety reasons. If you are not walking or biking to school you may wish to choose to park on the west side of the school and walk through the forest. This would allow you to miss some of the busy traffic out in front of the school.

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Don't forget that we have several books in my office specifically for you. Several parents have started to sign out books which is fantastic. The books relate to many pressing issues including positive discipline with your kids and raising an anxious child.


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