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Nelson Mandela Park PS

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January/February Principal Message

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

January is always a time of reflection as we start a new year and begin to think about all of our successes and areas that we need to focus on for further growth. We as a school community continually take the feedback of our parents, students, and staff to ensure we are creating an environment that is safe and conducive for learning. A few examples of suggestions we have recently implemented include the following:
Concern - students and staff cannot tell who is on duty at recess and at times it looks like there is too little supervision in the yard.
Implemented fix - we ordered bright orange safety guard type vests for all staff that they are to wear when on duty so they are more easily recognizable.
Concern - sometimes it is taking too long for staff on recess duty to get help when they need it.
Implemented fix - we have ordered more walkie talkies so when help is needed staff have walkie talkies they can use.
Concern - too many younger students are “play fighting” because they do not know how to play cooperative games.
Implemented fix - through our Phys Ed program we are having more of an emphasis on cooperative games.
Implemented fix - we have trained our Grade 4-6 students on how to facilitate cooperative games for GR1-3 students through the implementation of the PALS program. The PALS program is a leadership program where our Grade 4-6 students were trained by the City of Toronto on how to lead cooperative game playing with younger students.
Another area of parental concern we have been looking to address is around communication. Through our new monthly newsflash we are looking to ensure there is a greater awareness around happenings here at the school. Also, the newsflash is a way to ensure parents and caregivers are given information about upcoming important school events and dates. In addition to students being given paper copies of the newsflash we are also sending a digital copy to all the parents and caregivers that we have an email address for. If you haven’t already done so, please ensure you give our Main Office your email address so we can add you to our school email distribution list.
We have reminded our teaching staff on the importance of using student agendas to have students communicate what upcoming projects they have, and any homework they are to complete. Also, we are asking that teachers ensure they send home tests for signing by parents/caregivers so there are no surprises around how a child is achieving.
If you have any any questions around communication please start by having a conversation with your child’s teacher. If you still have any questions or concerns then please feel free to connect with me by calling the school at 416-393-1620.
Remember, a great way to keep connected with the school is to follow Principal Kandankery's Twitter account: @jjktoronto. Through twitter we post reminders and happenings at school. Thank you for your support and we look forward to continuing to work together!

Jason Kandankery

Diana Fitzgerald



Welcome to our school website. As part of the Toronto District School Board, we value
  • each and every student;
  • a strong public education system;
  • a partnership of students, schools, family and community;
  • the uniqueness and diversity of our students and our community;
  • the commitment and skills of our staff;
  • equity, innovation, accountability and accessibility; and
  • learning environments that are safe, nurturing, positive and respectful.
At Nelson Mandela Park Public School, we are committed to building a "Culture of Caring" that allows all of our students to reach their maximum potential. Our "Culture of Caring" means:

We care about quality teaching and learning for all of our students;
We care about having high expectations for all of our students;
We care about social justice, and making our world a better place.

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