Nutrition Program

Due to COVID restrictions, we are not able to offer a Breakfast program.  We  will continue to provide our Morning Meal program and a lunch program for students. 

Morning Meal program is served in the classroom 5 days a week and consists of a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole wheat pitas, bagels with cheese, yogurts, and other healthy items. 

The Lunch program runs daily from 11:40 am to 12:15pm. However, we are not able to provide a hot lunch for students as meals have to be individually prepared and packaged. The meals accommodate dietary restrictions.   

Parental contributions are necessary to make our nutrition program successful.  Although we receive a small portion of funding from provincial and municipal grants, these funds do not cover the full cost of running the program.  

Our breakfast program costs $5.00/month or $0.50/daily.  Our lunch program costs $30.00/month.  We are asking for families to pay in advance for each month using the payment envelopes that sent home towards the end of each month.  A tax receipt is available for those that pay on a monthly basis.