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Staff and Classes

Office Staff

 Principal  Jill Norman
Office-Administrator  tba
Secretary  Theresa MacKinnon

Caretaking Staff

 Chief Caretaker  Janet Rempel
 Evening Caretaker  Cliff Baccus

Classroom Teachers

 JK/SK  Ashleigh Crate
 Dolores Udovicic
 Laura Stephenson
 Grade 1
 Grade 1
 Arlene Carey 
 Rasma Gaide
 Grade 2
 Grade 2/3
Jennifer Graham
Bonnie Tam
  Gade 3
  Grade 3/4
 Eva Schiller 
Rosslyn Berot
 Grade 4/5  Melissa Lukosius
 Grade 5/6  Mimi Da Rocha
 Grade 4 Extended French  Lindsay Morrison
 Grade 5 Extended French  Rada Cugalj
 Grade 6 Extended French
 Kira Costello
 HSP  Tarra Julier
 Gr. 4/5/6  ISP (LD)  Erin Misener
 Gr. 1/2/3 ISP (LD)  Rosanna Sita (LTO)
 Primary ISP (Behaviour)

 Mart/Special Education & Core French
Taryn George

Atephanie Castaneda
 French  Stephanie Castaneda
 Library & Media & Phys Ed.  Jon Johrendt
 Music/Primary Gym  Richard Schiller
 Physical Education  Bart Burness, Richard Schiller, Jon Johrendt
 Technology/Media  Jon Johrendt, 
 Inquiry / Literacy & Numeracy Support  Kay Ingrey
 Primary Literacy & Reading Recovery  Sandra Solway

Educational Assistants/Early Childhood Educators

 Child and Youth Worker  Julie Mason
 EA (HSP)  Patti Wiles 
 SNA (Primary ISP/Kindergarten)  Enid Nunes 
 EA (Junior ISP)  Pat Giannoules 
 EA (Primary ISP)  Claud Belfour & Dorothy Woermke
 Alma Bitri
Vera Franco

Lunchroom Supervisors

 Tanya Jones  
 Prez Bruno
Claud Belfour
 Berta Minchala (JK/SK)  
  Carmita Minchala (JK/SK)
  Iva  Celcima (JK/SK)



Location of School

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