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TDSB web page for students:

HTTP web

An excellent website to help your child learn, practice and develop reading skills.

The ultimate kid-friendly search engine. Based on the popular adult Yahoo! site, it‘s a safe place for children to look for information and has a great list of age-appropriate reference links.

Ask Jeeves Kids  
The best search engine for answering simple kid questions like, “How does an iceberg form?” or “What causes hiccups?”

How Stuff Works
This award-winning site clearly and concisely tells kids (and adults!) how different things work — from the everyday (how automobile engines run) to the unusual (how Jell-O sets).

Fact Monster
This is a one-stop reference source of kid-friendly facts and articles. The award-winning site also has loads of interactive tools that encourage kids to improve their math, spelling and vocabulary.
A great place for kids to find things to do — not just at the computer, but anywhere. The million and one games, magic tricks, recipes, experiments and craft projects will put a stop to the “Mom, I’m bored” syndrome.

Games, brain twisters and colouring-book activities for a variety of age groups help make math fun. A great site for kids who are struggling with multiplication and need to practise their skills.
Interactive tools and games like Grammar Gorillas and MathCar Racing entice kids to learn.

Canadian Wildlife Federation
This site encourages young naturalists to actively participate in wildlife conservation, including building a backyard habitat for birds and butterflies.

United Nations Cyber School Bus
Translated into six languages, the rich content and resources on this United Nations–sponsored site let children participate in a global community over the Web.

National Geographic Kids!
The best part of this all-round great site is the current affairs section, written in easy-to-understand language, so kids can keep on top of new archaeological digs and historical discoveries.
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