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We are asking all school community members (i.e., staff, parents, neighbours) to please help us relieve the congestion in the morning entry and afternoon exits times here at White Haven.  Please see an important letter here from our principal.





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Restorative Practice at work in White Haven!


















In schools across the province, restorative justice is catching on as a progressive approach for addressing bullying and conflicts. It is a very powerful process that allows the children to repair the harm that has been caused by conflict, and practice their empathy to promote understanding. It also helps children put a negative incident behind them and helps to build positive relationships.  Restorative practice requires the "wrong-doers" to face their victims and consider the impact of their behaviour and come up with ways to make amends.  It also holds children accountable for their actions and give the victims a voice.  White Haven is a proud supporter of the Restorative Practice process and we look forward to learning new ways to use Restorative Circles in our classrooms.