Archives Room


We are attempting to establish an archives room in the school.

If you have memorabilia or historical items of interest from your days at York Memorial C.I. and would like to donate them to our exhibit, please contact us.

Items may include old team jackets, publications, special awards, pictures and souvenirs.

Items donated will be displayed at future reunion events.

Table of Contents
  1. Virtual Exhibit Room
  2. Contributions/Donations

Virtual Exhibit Room

Explore the past by looking at items that made your "Memo Years" unforgettable.

Coming Soon!
Pictures of the donated items will be displayed here for your viewing pleasure.


We would like to thank the following people for donating their items to us:

Margaret L. Brady
- Yearbook (1932)
Georgina (Styles) Coxon
- Caw Caw Journal (1932)
- Certificate for entrance to High School
- 1st Annual Banquet Ticket