Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Welcome to the Africentric Alternative School’s web page.

Together we build, succeed and lead.

Our School began in response to community request and advocacy. After much consultation and public debate, the district established the Africentric Alternative School which opened in September 2009 at Sheppard Public School. Our school serves students from K – 8.

We are one of the district’s Model Schools committed to:

High expectations for all students 
Providing a positive, equitable, nurturing, caring and safe learning environment 
Strong Instructional leadership 
Focus on student learning
Strong partnerships with parents and community 
Caring, collaborative, exemplary staff


Our teaching and learning are guided by the Ontario Curriculum and District Policies, facilitated through Africentric lens. We work to support students’ well-being, facilitate their social development, provide opportunities for them to develop as leaders, and to reach high levels of academic achievement.

At our school, teachers and other education professionals work collaboratively to improve professional practice and efficacy and to build professional relationships. Our pedagogy includes practices such as: providing students with explicit learning goals, success criteria, timely descriptive feedback, using exemplars and assessment as tools to inform teacher practice, student engagement and reporting. We use assessment tools that are part of the accepted professional practices of the district such as DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) and CASI (Comprehension, Attitude, Strategies, Interests) and EQAO (Education Quality and Accountability Office) assessment.

Our school uses the Nguzo Saba principles as a centering lens as we engage African-centered knowledge and practices and work toward the development of a positive Black identity, nurturing a strong sense of belonging.

We are served by an active and engaging parent community. One way our school facilitates community relations is through our school library. Our library has a holding of material that serves to facilitate the development of Africentric knowledge for students and their families.  

Hugh Reynolds 


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