Mission Statement

Albert Campbell’s School Advisory Council is committed to promoting a healthy and safe school environment, to pursuing academic and athletic excellence, and to serving the needs of the school community in the best interests of the students.


Purpose and objectives

The purpose of the School Advisory Council is to act in an advisory role to the school principal with regard to the following objectives:



  • To promote the best interests of the school community;
  • To provide and maintain a school-wide focus on all issues;
  • To respect the personal and professional rights and responsibilities of individuals;
  • To encourage the participation of parents from all groups and of other people within the school community;
  • To facilitate the communication and dissemination of information, and
  • To identify priorities and provide advice to the principal.



A maximum of 12 parents and/or guardians of students enrolled at Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute represent the school’s parents/guardians on the Council and must be elected to the Council. Parents and/or guardians must form a majority of the Council. Elections are held in the fall of each school year.


School Council Meeting Dates



Meetings of the School Council will be held approximately once every other month during the school year and all meetings are open to all parents/guardians of students enrolled at Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute.


You can view the Student School Council Bylaws by clicking on the link