Welcome to @SAM!

Welcome to @SAM!
Welcome to @ SAM,
Sir Alexander Mackenzie Senior Public School (SAM)’s web page.
At SAM, we work hard to to excel in all aspects of school life,
academics, the arts and athletics!
Each section of our site is meant to highlight a part of the SAM experience.
All of us, from students to staff, teachers
and administrators a
re proud of what happens
here each and every day. We invite you to check us out,
because everyone’s welcome @ SAM!

STEAM AT SAM! Awesome work Fiona!


Principal's Monthly Message

Mrs. Iacobucci

 Please read here Mrs. Iacobucci's December 2020 Letter.

It contains all the pertinent information

regarding the first days of school.

Please use the Daily Checklist

for Elementary School every day.

SAM Teachers have decided to support

Sam community by creating a message.

You can view it in the slideshow below

or in the collage by following these 2 links:

Page 1 and Page 2.





In the News



SAM is committed to reducing our environmental footprint.

Our newsletters are shared via email.

SAM Newsflash

Our weekly Newsflash highlights student learning

and activities each week.

Please read our weekly Newsflash!


Attention SAM Community!

The SAM STEAMERS will be working asynchronously online

this year to learn how to use coding and 3D design software. 

We will come up with ideas for inquiry where we can use

STEAM to solve real-world problems once we are more

comfortable with using the software.  Whether you are a beginner,

or an experienced coder, ALL are welcome!  If you would like to see what the STEAMERS have been working on, please visit our website at: https://sites.google.com/tdsb.on.ca/samsteamers

Join our Google Classroom using the code: mdezbfb






Hello SAM Community - students and parents/guardians!

SLC has launched a special website 

where you can find important information

how to cope with the difficult times.

how to relieve your stress, 

practise yoga and do other things

to maintain your mental well-being.

Please visit it here and

do not hesitate to contact your SLC class reps

with any questions or suggestions.


Street Safety




Attention of SAM students, parents and guardians!

Please read the following Streetproofing Tips

to ensure the safety of yourselves!



Traffic Safety


Dear parents and guardians!

The safety of your children is paramount!

Please obey the road signs posted on Heather Road.

Please read the following Traffic Safety Tips here.