A Tribute to SAM's Vice Principal,
Scott Gardner 2008 - 2011

As members of the SAM staff continue to mourn the passing of Mr. Gardner, we are beginning to share
stories and regularly reflect on the tremendous impact he had on our school community. Whether it was a kind word,
listening ear or his gracious smile, Mr. Gardner always made everyone feel cared for and appreciated. 

He will be remembered for his dedication to the staff and students, his contribution to athletics,
his sense of humour, and his determination to acquire grant money to build an outdoor classroom. 
With Ms. Ma’s perseverance to fulfill Mr. Gardner's vision, our school secured the grant money
to build that outdoor classroom. 

SAM will be acknowledging his contributions to the life of the school by dedicating to him our new
outdoor learning area. We thought it would be fitting to name this gathering place in memory of
two very important SAM Scotsmen, Mr. Scott Gardner and Sir Alexander Mackenzie. In our pursuit to
select a Scottish name, we decided to call our new outdoor space Cèilidh Place. Cèilidh (pronounced ‘kay’lee’ in Gaelic)
is Scottish for 'gathering'. In true Scottish cèilidh tradition, this place will be used to celebrate many memorable
SAM special occasions and valuable learning moments in an outdoor setting for years to come.

We will always feel grateful for being fortunate enough to have worked with Mr. Gardner and
he will always be remembered during SAM's daily moment of silent reflection.

Always in our hearts,
SAM staff and students from 2008 - 2011.