About Us

ALPHA Alternative Junior School (GR. JK-06)

Democracy is a fundamental value at ALPHA.
The school democracy is complex and far from absolute. Its founders took on the challenge to create an accessible public school that would represent democratic responsibility as well as liberty.
As Summerhill's A.S. Neill would say:
Freedom, not license.
This is an ongoing conversation, and maybe the most vital and distinguishing aspect of ALPHA's program. It takes a lot of time and mental and emotional energy but the students value personal autonomy, social responsibility and the power to shape the community within which they live.
Phone:(416) 393-1880
Address:20 Brant St, Toronto, ON, M5V 2M1
Principal:Kiera Vanderlugt
Vice-Principal(s):Aaron Chan
Office Staff:Sandra Pereira
School Council Chair(s):Vacant
Superintendent:Mary Linton
Learning Network:LN22
Trustee:Stephanie Donaldson
Ward:Ward 9