Parent Involvement

At ALPHA, parents are welcome to volunteer in the school to support kids, to collaborate with teachers, and to help out in various ways. They can participate in the school day or contribute through committee work in the evenings. They have a voice in community decisions through the monthly Parent Meeting, which includes staff and parents. Parent Meeting is run by consensus and is the governing body of the school.

We rely heavily on families in every aspect of day to day operations:

  • Getting involved in the academic program, or sharing personal talents and skills through unique programming
  • Supporting kids in the library or on field trips, or participating in conflict resolution
  • Helping to design and maintain a warm and welcoming environment, organizing social functions and cultural events
  • Participating in basic administration and fundraising activities
  • Advocating for ALPHA in the wider community
  • Or even just helping to move a table or two, helping kids get snowsuits on, or washing a few dishes…

Every parent's effort holds great value for the ALPHA Community because all of this is what defines us. Do what you can. This is ALPHA’s fundamental participation strategy.