Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Welcome to Balmy Beach Community School!

Balmy Beach is a wonderful community school.  It’s a warm and caring place of learning for all of our students.  Staff and parents work closely together to ensure that all of our students continue to have the tools they need to achieve their potential.

Our current Office Staff,  Melissa Jacobs and Kerry Buck, care deeply about the children and have exceptional personal and professional skills which support the work of our educators. Caretaker Steph McCallum and her staff, take much pride in their care of our unique facility and grounds. 

Our goal will be to create a “Culture of Responsible Learners” that focuses on the character of the individual and the link to academic success.   

Our vision will be to close as many gaps as we can. A monitoring program called Students to Watch Over allows us to understand the needs of all of our students both socially and academically who are not working at the provincial level. This gives all the ability to work with all our staff to provide strategies and interventions to support the students learning and close the gaps.

Our resource program will focus on skills sets students need to learn and our classroom teachers and resource teachers work together to support the individual needs. Once students meet their goal they continue to work and be monitored in their classroom and a new students would come to resource for support. 

Our plan is to engage all staff (teachers, principal, office staff, caretakers, educational assistants and other support staff), students and families in working together as a learning community that is dedicated to caring and support, active participation and high expectations for students. 

Our families will continue to support the children in their personal, social and academic growth as well as provide enrichment opportunities at school providing benefits to all.  

Through collaboration we will be able to continue the strong academic, arts and athletics programs of which Balmy has always been proud.  In addition, we look for creative ways for students to extend their learning. 

Together, we empower our children to develop and grow for the future and not only create a culture of responsible students, but a culture of responsible learners.  

Our dedicated and caring staff supports each other in professional growth that in turn benefits our students. 

I look forward to working with everyone

Marc Green