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Effective September 2020, the TDSB will be changing school start and end times at 131 elementary schools across the city. By staggering the start and end times of these schools, the TDSB is able to plan bus routes more efficiently. This is projected to save the TDSB approximately $2.5 million, which is important as the TDSB currently spends more on student transportation than we receive from the government.


This decision was made in June 2019 as part of last year’s budget process. TDSB Trustees approved an operating budget plan for the 2019-20 school year that required $67.8 million in staff reductions and changes to programs/services to address provincial government funding reductions and the TDSB’s annual structural deficit.

 Why are school starts and end times changing?

Beyond the cost savings of adjusting bell times to find efficiencies in student transportation, other benefits include:

 Improving service to remaining routes, as fewer bus drivers will be needed, which will help address the ongoing bus driver shortage;

 Ensuring transportation services for all students currently being bussed are maintained (no service reductions), and other important supports and services for all students are not impacted; and,

 Removing approximately 55 busses from transportation routes, thereby reducing the board’s carbon footprint by approximately 2,750 metric tonnes per year.