Principal's Message

Beverly Glen JPS has established an outstanding reputation for academic excellence. In keeping with the philosophy of the Toronto District School Board, the staff at Beverly Glen strives to ensure that all students reach high levels of achievement and acquire the knowledge, skills, and values they need to become responsible members of a democratic society. The culture and operation at Beverly Glen clearly demonstrates the belief that all children can learn and be successful. The focus of all that we do at Beverly Glen is directed to ensure that every child develops the skills necessary for success in school and in life.
Supportive parents, a dedicated and professional staff, and students who engage in the learning process are key ingredients of the success. Ongoing communication with parents and shared expectations are essential. This has been accomplished through daily use of a planner, an open door policy, regular newsletters, emails and phone calls. No seat is left empty at concerts, Open House, celebrations and events. Parents share information, expertise and provide practical support. Many parents give up their time to volunteer in the school as well as transport or accompany children on field trips and athletic competitions. Working together we make a great school outstanding.
A balanced challenging program that incorporates high standards and high expectations is in place. Teachers provide an academic program based on direct teaching and intentional outcomes. Continuous assessment monitors the progress of each child. An early intervention program is in place and students experiencing difficulty are provided with support through in-school resources, Board of Education resources or outside agencies.
At Beverly Glen all staff demonstrate a commitment to excellence and a dedication to meeting the needs of all students. Teachers share their talents, skills and passion for the Arts and Sports and have provided students with opportunities to be successful in many ways. Beverly Glen has devoted teachers and support staff who work closely together in meetings to plan and search for methods to enhance the students' learning.  An enriched stimulating program drawing from external partners has provided students with opportunities to learn curriculum differently and to think divergently.
Our resource centre is always a hub of activity as students actively participate in exciting programmes, listen to speakers, vote on their favourite books, enjoy author visits, embark on research projects and engage in reflection and critical thinking. This kind of commitment from the school heightens the students' interest in literacy. We also strongly believe that student’s use of information technology greatly enriches all academic learning. In the area of technology, students are trained to use the computer for communication through personal email accounts, create web pages and curriculum related projects, PowerPoint presentations, and CD development. They also have full use of digital cameras as well as powerpoint and comic life. At Beverly Glen we are strongly dedicated to promoting the use of computer technology throughout all areas of the curriculum.
At Beverly Glen, the staff work hard to ensure that all students achieve the goals of high academic performance, effective work habits and co-operative social skills. All school activities and energies are focused entirely on the students' well being, academic advancement, and development as future citizens. At Beverly Glen we encourage all of our students to pursue the challenges of learning and celebrate their accomplishments. Beverly Glen is a marvellous learning environment where we all work together collaboratively to ensure that all students not only learn the basics but are also exposed to exciting programs designed to capture the imagination and stimulate growth.