Blake Street Junior Public School

Food for Kids Program

We know that the closure of schools has been difficult for many families, especially those who rely on school-based Student Nutrition Programs. The TDSB and the Toronto Foundation for Student Success have teamed up to provide families at your school with $50 grocery store food cards (one per TDSB student). If your family would benefit from this card, please complete the registration form online.
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Blake Street Public School

See what TDSB Director, John Malloy has to say about Blake Street Public School!


As a school within the Toronto District School Board:

Our mission is to enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and to acquire the knowledge, skills, and values they need to become responsible members of a democratic society.

We value:

  • each and every student
  • a strong public education system
  • a partnership of students, schools, family, and community
  • the uniqueness and diversity of our students and our community
  • the commitment and skills of our staff
  • equity, innovation, accountability, and accessibility
  • learning environments that are safe, nurturing, positive, and respectful.

Blake Classrooms



Room 100 Ms. Whiteside FDK

Room 102 Ms. Motala FDK

French Immersion

Salle 104 Mme Molder FSK

Salle 105 Mme Morton FSK

Primary Grades 1-3


Room 106 Mr. Lowe Gr. 1/2

Room 107 Ms. Barr Gr. 1/2

Virtual Classroom Ms. Kagan Gr. 2/3

Room 212 Mr. Tsai Gr. 3/4

French Immersion

Salle 207 Mme Clark Gr. 1

Salle 206 Mme O'Sullivan Gr. 1/2

Salle 109 Mme Jang Gr. 2/3

Salle 312 Mme Thomas Gr 2/3 

Salle 208 Mme Barrs Gr. 3/4


Junior Grades 4-6


Room 308 Mr. Nicolaou 4/5

Room 310 Mr. Richman Gr. 5/6

French Immersion

Salle 200 Mme Prakesch Gr. 4/5

Sale 202 Mme Stagni Gr. 5/6 

Salle 204 Mme Dungo Gr. 5/6

Prep Classes

Drama/ Dance Ms. Dyment 

Phys. Ed.  Ms. Kiil PM

Music   Ms. Paton

Kindergarten Prep Ms. Pao AM

Phys. Ed.  Mr. Walters  AM

Core French - Mme Richardson  


Special Education

Ms. Logan - English Primary/MART

Ms. Damer - English Junior/ French

Mr. Warden - ESL/ELL