Our Staff

Staff and Classes


Office Staff

Principal Mr. Robert Walters
Vice Principal  Ms. Ashleigh Williams
Office-Administrator Ms. Kristin Scott
Secretary (PM) Ms. Jan Tackaberry
Chief Caretaker Mr. Christopher Wichert
Full-time Evening Caretaker Mr. Jaswinder Panesar
Part-time Evening Caretaker  Ms. Marina (Rasiah) Sajana


Classroom Teachers

FDK Room 105 Ms. E. Barr
FDK Room 104 Ms. J. Fletcher 
FDK (French Immersion) Room 101 Mme N. Beckley
FDK (French Immersion) Room 102 Mme A. Barbier
Grade 1/2 Room 106/107 Mr. K. Johns
Grade 1 French Immersion Room 100 Mme R. Morton
Grade 1/2 French Immersion Room 109 Mme Stephanie
Grade 2/3 Room 108 Mrs. H. Whiteside
Grade 2/3 French Immersion Room 212 Mme A. Thomas
Grade 2/3 French Immersion Room 206/207 Mme S. O'Sullivan
Grade 3/4 Room 312 Ms. A. Kiil 
Grade 3/4 French Immersion Room 208 Mme J. Hossack
Grade 4/5 Room 308 Ms. M. Rajavel
Grade 4/5 French Immersion Room 200 Mme H. Prakesch
Grade 5/6 Room 310 Ms. C-M. Jang
Grade 5/6 French Immersion  Room 204 Mme S. Richardson (AM) / Mme S. Hirsbrunner (PM)


Support and Programs

Physical Education and Dance Ms. E. A-B
Library and Kindergarten Prep Ms. K. Dyment
Music and Drama Ms. L. Paton
Core French / Special Education  Ms. A. Stagni
MART / Special Education Teacher Ms. L. Logan
E.S.L. Itinerant  Ms. L. Halen


Early Childhood Educators

FDK Room 105 Ms. S. Mahbub (AM) / Ms. J. Quintal (PM)
FDK (French Immersion) Room 102 Ms. Kat (AM) / Ms. S. Khan (PM)
FDK (French Immersion) Room 101 Ms. P. Sampogna (AM) / Ms. Inna (PM)


Educational Assistants

Special Needs Assistant Ms. L. Theed (Ms. Chickadee)
Special Needs Assistant Ms. J. Kiage
Educational Assistant Ms. Helena


Lunchroom Supervisors

Breakfast Supervisor Ms. M. Liantziris
Kindergarten Room 104 Ms. D. Daley
Room 100 Mr. Dwight 
  Ms. Zainab