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Braeburn Junior School

Braeburn Neighbourhood Place (BNP)

Braeburn Neighbourhood Place (BNP), a non-profit community services agency, is an integral part of our school community. It provides a wide range of services to our students and the immediate neighbourhood, including a pre-school, and school-age daycare that is housed on school property, before and after school programs and nutrition programs.

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Student Sucess

Braeburn has a collaborative staff of  21 individuals including teachers, support staff and administration. The staff is engaged in ongoing staff development during and after school hours with the goal of improving student achievement and well-being

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Community Engagement

We work in partnership with students from Humber College and George Brown College.
As well, staff, students, parents and community resources such as Etobicoke Children's Centre work together to create a caring, supportive school environment where all members can achieve their full potential.


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Together, our staff plan strategies to implement curriculum to meet the needs of students and increase skill levels in all areas. Our plan is based on data from sources including report card marks, EQAO scores, DRA, surveys of staff, students and parents, and demographics. It also includes goals set by our School Council and the Model School for Inner Cities. 

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     Our staff work collaboratively to implement high yield strategies such as the three part lesson and use of manipulative materials to enhance mathematical understanding

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    • to develop character education
    • to use daily school planners with all students in grades 1 to 5
    •  to celebrate student learning through assemblies, displays, parent evenings and publication of articles in the school newsletter

    What Sets Us Apart

    TecTechnology is becoming an increasingly important aspect of school life. At Braeburn we have taken steps to infuse technology in teaching and learning. Students are growing up in a digital age. Therefore,  we continuously provide them with opportunities to learn with computers as they learn content related to curriculum objectives. Our teachers are using technology to assist them in teaching to engage students and support student success.

     We have: 
    • interactive whiteboards in almost every class
    • mobile lab of notebooks 
    • pods of iPads in every class
    • wireless access to the internet

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