You've been out of school and working long enough to gain perspective, long enough to know that education is still the answer to the career and the life you want. The trouble is you need to continue working and you need more credits to complete your high school diploma. But how do you continue working at your job and earn your diploma at the same time.

The Edvance Co-op program is the answer. Why not connect today?




Please contact the EdVance Coop Office (416) 393-9740 ext. 20002

You may use your PAID job as your placement provided you have some WEEKDAY SHIFTS, you have WSIB INSURANCE COVERAGE with your employer and it is in TORONTO (M postal code)




"learn while you earn"

• keep your job

• work on assignments at home

• earn credits toward your diploma

The EdVance Co-op program is a flexible and convenient program and gives credit for work experience while online courses are completed.


• Currently out of school (or will be soon) and available to work

• Employed full or part time (or we can help you find a volunteer placement)

• 18 - 20 years of age

• Able to access the Internet regularly on a computer

• An independent learner who is self-motivated and hard-working

CALC offers a variety of cooperative education programs to meet student’s needs.

Earn high school credits while gaining valuable work experience and develop important workplace essential skills. Integrates classroom theory and learning experiences at a workplace. Placements may be at the student’s paid job (meeting criteria) or as a volunteer.
Our 2020/2021 Course Offerings are available  On-line Cooperative Education is a form of experiential learning where students can earn up to 6 credits over a two quadmester period by applying classroom theory learned on-line and integrating it into learning experiences at a workplace. Cooperative education courses include a pre-placement component, in school integration classes, reflective learning, monitoring of students at their placement, student assessment and evaluation and work experience.
Course work is done online through elearning.

One Quad Coop – 1st week of the Quadmester is in school course work, followed by 8 weeks of afternoon placements for 2 credits. Intakes November and April. (Quads 2 and 4)

Two Quad Term Coop with three intakes - September, November and February; students gain valuable workplace knowledge through an online course (1 credit) and apply this knowledge working up to 500 hours for 5 coop credits in a workplace setting.

Opportunities to do pre-apprenticeship training in a variety of skilled trades, enroll in OYAP (Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program) to gain high school credits and college credits concurrently 
Army reserve Coop (February to June only) - must apply by October.