Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy

uniformChester Le Junior Public School is a uniformed school.

There are many reasons for having students wear a uniform:

  • Safety: When students are dressed in their uniforms, it makes it very clear who belongs in the school
  • Positive School Spirit
  • Respect: Uniforms help foster respect amongst students, improve self-discipline and create a positive attitude toward learning
  • Time: Wearing a uniform helps save time in the morning and eliminates the wearing of inappropriate clothing

ALL STUDENTS, from Kindergarten to Grade 6 are expected to wear their uniform to school EVERY DAY.

Our uniforms are:

  • TOPS: white, light blue, dark blue, black.
  • BOTTOMS: dark blue, black.
  • UNDER SHIRTS: white, light blue, dark blue, black.
  • SWEATERS and HOODIES: must be blue or black.
  • NO LOGOS OR DESIGNS on any clothing, NO JEANS.