Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom

Photo of Outdoor Classroom

The TDSB, David Hornell JS, parents and community members have created a magical place for kids to make discoveries and learn about our natural environment.  The David Hornell JS Outdoor Classroom was designed by Marsha Gettas, Horticulturalist and Master Gardener, using ideas from Grade 5 students, teachers and the Toronto District School Board’s landscape design plan.

Our outdoor classroom plan is centered around a teaching area beside a circle of 7 trees. The space is made up of natural rock seating, along with a wooden platform that has a portable blackboard behind it. This platform can be used for teachers who want to conduct outdoor lessons in all the seasons, and for students who like to perform, and who have active imaginations. 

There is a wheelchair-accessible path that connects all parts of our outdoor classroom. Along the path there will be a wooden bridge that will encourage children’s imaginations and positive thinking.  There is plenty of opportunity for students to climb, jump and balance using the wooden stumps and log benches.

There is also a butterfly garden filled with butterfly-friendly plants for students to study all about butterflies, plants and soils. 

Many thanks to the Toronto District School Board, Empire Communities, TD Friends of the Environment and Home Depot for their generous contributions to our outdoor classroom.