Snack Program

Nutrition Program

 Information about our snack program


Every morning, before recess, your child will be served a healthy snack. These snacks will include a serving of a vegetable or fruit, a dairy product (such as yogurt, milk or cheese) and a grain product (such as a pita, bagel or crackers). Our snacks will not contain nuts or pork.


Research has shown that children, even more than adults, need to have nutritious food in the morning. Without nutritious food early in the day children can suffer from fatigue, irritability, stomach aches and headaches which can make it difficult for them to concentrate and learn. This snack does not replace your child’s breakfast or lunch. It is still important for your child to eat breakfast before coming to school and to have a good lunch at noon.

Funding and Actual Costs

The Toronto Foundation for Student Success provides a portion of the money needed for the program. We will continue to buy the prepared snacks from Rose Avenue School, where there is an industrial kitchen which is monitored by the Toronto Public Health Department. You may pay with cash or a cheque made out to David Hornell Public School.

The actual cost of the snack is $1.00 per child per day.  All children are welcome to participate, regardless of their family’s financial capacity to contribute to the program.However, all children must have a completed registration form to participate.

Thank you for helping our children to learn and to grow into healthy teens and adults.