About Us

About Our School

Location: Dovercourt is located in the Dufferin and Dupont area. 

Eco School: Dovercourt is a Platinum Status ECO school that has demonstrated a long time commitment to the environment. A group of dedicated teachers, students and parents provide the leadership for our school community. Our Community Gardens reflect the support of our neighbourhood on this initiative and are maintained throughout the summer and during school breaks.

Snack Program: Dovercourt received a grant from the Toronto Foundation for Student Success. We offer all students daily snack every morning. 

Macaulay Daycare: Macaulay Daycare is located in the basement of Dovercourt. We work together in helping create a safe and wonderful learning environment for our students.

Dovergardens Nursery: Dovergardens Nursery is also located in the basement of Dovercourt. 

Contact Information

228 Bartlett Ave
Toronto, ON
M6H 3G4

Phone #:
(416) 393-9220

Fax #:
(416) 393-9222