A Day at DAS

A Day at DAS

An actual visit to our school will reveal some special features to DAS. To start with, there is an inviting atmosphere, where children and most staff members address each other by their first names. Cross-class or multi-age groupings of children may be working together on a particular project. You can spend time reading posters advertising special events both in and outside the school, meetings of numerous committees, and field trips, or calling for parent volunteers for swimming or skating. 

Hallways are covered in student work and art. You may notice parents in classrooms, helping individual students or offering special programming to small groups. These are just some of the visible ways that makes DAS a special place to be. 


Our Downtown Community

At DAS we live and share in our downtown community, and take full advantage of the many resources available. These are some of the places we visit during the school year. 

Children’s Book Bank
David Crombie Park
Moss Park Arena
St. Lawrence Market
St. Lawrence Community Recreation Centre
Sugar Beach
Young Centre for the Performing Arts
Young People’s Theatre