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Late/Absentee Students: TDSB Safe Arrival

One measure of keeping students safe is ensuring students have safely arrived at school. If your child is going to be late or absent for any reason, it is important that you contact the office immediately and report the reason for the absence.

At the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), we now have an automated call-out system that will attempt to contact you if your child is late or absent on the day where the school was not previously informed.

The system call-out will work as follows:

  • Parents/guardians identified in TDSB’s Student Information Systems who has access to student records, and emergency contact with priority 1 or 2 will receive a call.
  • When you receive the call, you are required to listen to the entire message and follow the prompts accordingly.
  • You will be asked if you are aware or unaware of your child’s absence.
  • If unaware, you will be asked to call the school immediately.
  • If you are aware of the absence, you will be asked to enter the reason for your child’s absence.

The following options will be provided for you:

  1. Illness
  2. Doctor Appointment
  3. Dentist Appointment
  4. Family Matter
  5. Weather
  6. Other

At the end of the message, you will have to press 2 to confirm you received the message. If you do not confirm receipt, you will receive a call on your mobile phone.

  • If there is no response from a Priority 1 contact, this same process will be followed for Priority 2 contacts.
  • If there is no contact with either Priority 1 or Priority 2, this entire process will be repeated 3 times in 10 minute intervals.
  • In the evening, all parents/guardians of students who were late that day will receive a call informing them of their child’s tardiness.

With this in mind, it is important that your contact information on file at the office is current and up-to-date. Please let the office know immediately if your contact information changes at any time throughout the school year.

We recognize that regular attendance is essential to the safety, academic success, and well-being of all students. Thank you for your continued cooperation to keep your child safe and accounted for.

For further information please read the Safe Arrival FAQ.
For our full contact information please see our About Us section.


Office Number 416-393-1882
Safe Arrival Automated Call-In 833-250-2290
Brant Street Daycare - DAS 416-368-9735




How to Get to DAS

By Public Transit

The Sherbourne 75 bus, Esplanade 129 bus, and King Street 504, 508 streetcar lines will all put you in close proximity to the school.

By Car

For temporary parking there is a drop-off location just east of the school on George street south of The Esplanade. For longer term parking, there is a large Green P west of the school, or street parking along the Esplanade, on George St.



Volunteer Committees

At DAS, we celebrate the connection between student success and parent involvement. We welcome you and provide opportunities for you to be involved. In fact, children's learning is enriched by parents volunteering at our school.  We welcome parents to volunteer in a variety of ways (council meetings, in the classroom, field trips, committees, and many more...). Parents, caregivers, students, teachers, administrators and other community members may participate.

Some Examples include:

Admissions Committee

  • Plan outreach strategies
  • Plan and Host Open Houses
  • Communications Committee
  • Prepare the DAS E-news and newsletter
  • Support the sharing of information within the schoul community

Fun-rai$ing Committee

  • Coordinates other events throughout the year such as Pizza Lunches, Dance-a-thons, Family Film Nights, Popcorn Fridays etc.
  • Greening Committee
  • Supports yard regeneration together with the students' Green Club
  • Maintains plants in outdoor planters
  • Maintains hanging plants in hallways and other indoor plants

Library Committee

  • Maintains and promotes Library use together with teaching staff
  • Repairs library materials
  • Organizes Book Sales

School Community Committee (Peacebuilding, Safe Schools and Equity)

  • Supports Peacebuilding initiatives
  • Encourages "Roots and Shoots" initiatives (our own Chapter of the outreach group begun by the Jane Goodall Institute)
  • Supports safe practices for all in the building (ex. use of friendly vulunteer name tags)
  • Identifies and supports safe practices for the physical building
  • Reviews Code of Behaviour

Volunteer Coordinating Committee

  • Coordinates teachers' requests/needs for volunteers with parent availability
  • Coordinates parents' volunteer interests with staff needs

Volunteers are required to file a police background check application form with Toronto Police Services.

For more information, please see Parent Council.



Daycare at DAS

The on-site daycare is provided by Brant Street Daycare - DAS. It has a before and after school program, a hot lunch program as well as full-day programming on PA days, March and winter break (schedule permitting). DAS families requiring daycare must apply to Brant Street Daycare directly. Click here for more information.



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