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Downtown Alternative School is a small and welcoming TDSB community of students, staff and parents who work together to create a stimulating and peaceful learning environment for children from JK to Gr. 6. We value the diversity and strengths that each child brings to DAS and model inclusionary and equitable practices within a safe and peaceful learning environment. We follow the TDSB's policies relating to Equity and Behaviour.

We are pleased you are interested in our school and we'd be happy to help you in any way we can.

As a small alternative school, DAS is administratively twinned with Market Lane P.S. located further east along The Esplanade. The Principal and the Vice-Principals work together to manage the running of both schools.

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What is an Alternative School?

Elementary Alternative Schools

We know that students learn in a variety of ways and thrive in different learning environments, which is why we have a number of elementary alternative schools that offer students and their parents something different from mainstream schooling.

Each alternative school is unique, with a distinct identity and approach to curriculum delivery. They typically feature small student populations, a commitment to innovative programs, and significant community involvement. While the schools offer Ministry approved courses, they are delivered in learning environments that are flexible and meet the needs of individual students.


What Sets Us Apart

Downtown Alternative School believes that it is important for children to develop a positive attitude toward learning and an eagerness to learn from and interact with their environment. A strong emphasis is placed on the child-centred approach, where each child's emotional,social, intellectual, and physical development serves as a starting point. Learning activities are then designed to meet all children's needs. We believe that consistency throughout home, school, and day care settings helps to develop each child's learning potential. The school has worked hard to build an atmosphere of trust between parents, staff, and administration. We are a democratic school and practice democratic decision-making at all levels. The school focuses on creating a safe school environment and the peacemaking program. The school provides a challenging curriculum which includes diverse topics such as social justice and current events. Agendas are used to foster communication between the school and families.

Downtown Alternative School (GR. JK-06)

In 1980, DAS was established by parents who wanted to be actively involved in their children's education.  Peaceful conflict resolution or Peacebuilding was developed at DAS and has been adopted by schools around the world.  This tradition continues through the school's commitment to equity, social justice and environmental responsibility.
We are located in the heart of the St. Lawrence Market community and share the site with housing above, some shops below, and the playground with St. Michael School.  Since it is administratively twinned with Market Lane, DAS is able to access the swimming pool at the St. Lawrence C.C.  In addition, there is on-site childcare.  Please call the DAS Daycare at 416-368-9735 for more information.


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Phone:(416) 393-1882
Fax:(416) 393-1883
Address:85 Lower Jarvis St, Toronto, ON, M5E 1R8
Principal:Laurie Jantzi
Vice-Principal(s):Whitney Deveaux
Office Staff:Ena Maxam
School Council Chair(s):Mari Choi
Lisa Pinto
Superintendent:Mary Linton
Learning Network:LN22
Trustee:Alexis Dawson
Ward:Ward 9