How to Join DAS

DAS Open House

Interested new parents/guardians can attend the DAS Open House. It is usually held in January, with application procedures soon after for enrollment the following September of that same year. At the Open House you will be introduced to our school, its programming and be able to pose questions to all members of our community including staff, parents and students!

When dates and information for the upcoming open house are known they will be posted above.
For more information please see:

How to Apply

Enrolment applications are now submitted online via the TDSB Elementary Alternative School Application Form. The form is only available during the application period (mid-January to mid-February) for enrolment the following September. Exact dates will be posted above under "Important Dates" closer to this time period.

  1. Apply to DAS online. The online application form will be open mid-January and will be available for one month.
  2. TDSB will apply a random selection process if there are more applicants than spots available. 
  3. If a spot is available you will be notified. You then have a limited time to notify the school of your intention to enroll or else the offer will automatically be declined and your child will be enrolled into the school designated by home address.  
  4. Please note that while you can apply to up to two (2) elementary alternative schools, only one spot would be offered between the two school choices, you cannot rank or prefer one over the other. (see: TDSB Alternative Schools).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why a new central online application form?
The TDSB is committed to ensuring consistency of the application process for  its Elementary Alternative Schools. Having a central online application form removes potential barriers and provides greater equity of access for all students.

Where do I find the online application form?
Please click here and you will be redirected to the Power School Central Online Application form. Please note, the online application form will only be available during the application period. Please see above Important Dates section for more information.

Who can fill out the elementary alternative schools’ online application?
Applications to an elementary alternative school are completed by the parent/legal guardian/caregiver through the TDSB online application form.

How many schools can I apply for?
The applicant may apply for up to two (2) TDSB elementary alternative schools. A complete list of elementary alternative schools is available on the TDSB’s Alternative Schools webpage.

Note: the applicant can only be placed in one of their selected elementary schools if a spot is made available. Should the family decline the offer of placement, the child will attend their designated school by address, and no other offer to an elementary school will be provided to the applicant.

What if I don’t have access to a computer or have difficulty with the form?
Parents/legal guardians/caregivers who require assistance with the application process, including those without computer access who require an alternative format of the same application, can contact school staff.

Is there anything I should do before I apply for my child to attend an elementary alternative school?
The TDSB has a wide range of elementary alternative schools available to students. Families are encouraged to research schools and programs to learn about the educational philosophy and distinct pedagogy of each before completing the online application.

Elementary alternative schools will hold information sessions or open houses for students, parents/guardians/caregivers in January and February. Visit the Elementary School Open Houses and Information Nights webpage for details about the dates and times. If a school is not hosting an open house or information session, please contact the school directly for information about the elementary alternative school.

I have a child already attending an elementary alternative school. Is their sibling able to get a spot?
Applicants with a sibling remaining at the selected TDSB elementary alternative school for the upcoming school year, will be admitted prior to the selection of other applicants and after the placement of students who self-identify as First Nations, Metis, and Inuit and based on available space.

I have twins and want them in the same elementary alternative school. How can I ensure they are in the same school?
One (1) application should be submitted for both twins or multiples. Should that application be selected, two or more placements in the class will be taken, when possible. 

If parents/legal guardians/caregivers choose to have twins or multiples apply individually, separate applications will be submitted for each child. If one twin is chosen, the other twin is not automatically granted acceptance by virtue of being twins/multiples.

What is the Random Selection Process?
Random selection refers to a process/ program that is used to electronically select applicants for a placement in an elementary alternative school and grade.

When will the random selection process be used?
A random selection process will be implemented for the placement of all applicants.

Is the random selection process only used when the number of applicants exceeds the number of spaces?
No. If there is available space in the requested school(s) and the number of applicants does not exceed available space at the requested schools, then the applicant will be placed in one of the requested schools by the random selection process.

Is there a waitlist?
A wait list is generated by the random selection process. When necessary, the wait list will be accessed to place applicants in available spaces.

What are the timelines to apply to an elementary alternative school for September 2023 admission? 
An Important Dates section at the top of the page will be updated closer to when the application period will be open. Expect the Elementary Alternative School Online Application form to be made available mid-January to mid-February, with open houses held throughout the month. The random selection process will be held the first week of March.

How will I know the status of my child’s application?
The random selection process for elementary alternative schools will occur centrally. Please do not contact schools directly for selection results. There will be two rounds of communications made in March. 

If you receive notification that a spot is available for your child, you have a limited time to notify the school that you intend to enroll. If you do not accept your placement by the deadline, the placement will be automatically declined. See Important Dates section above for more information.

Note: the applicant can only be placed in one of their selected elementary schools. Should the family decline the offer of placement, the child will attend their designated school by address, and no other offer to an elementary school will be provided to the applicant.

What if I have questions about this new process?
You can send your questions to