Concept by Eponine Lee (2016)

Downtown Alternative School

Welcome to DAS!

DAS Vision

Downtown Alternative School is a supportive and nurturing community that fosters curiosity, engagement, and a lifelong love of learning to empower students with the core values, skills and knowledge they need to be confident and successful citizens.

Curious. Engaged. Empowered.

Downtown Alternative School (DAS) is a community-based school that employs to engage and empower the student body with core values, above and beyond providing students with the tools they need to achieve academic success in the standard Ontario Elementary School Curriculum.

Our students, from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Six, live the following core values through supporting programs and activities in and outside the classroom.

1) Social Consciousness

2) Parental Engagement

3) Community Involvement

The core values empower DAS students with a unique and rewarding educational experience, while preparing them for lifelong learning and ongoing success as confident, responsible citizens.

Alternative learning techniques at DAS include:

1) Child-Led Learning

2) Arts-Based Learning

3) Multi-Age Learning

Exposure to alternative learning enhances the standard elementary school curriculum, increases student engagement, and gives them the flexibility for ongoing learning in any environment.