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Letter from TDSB Director : Questions & Answers

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Letter from Principal:

Dear Dundas Families,

We hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe. We hope that all the Moms had an enjoyable Mother's Day Weekend.

Many families have asked me if they could donate their $50 grocery gift cards from the TFSS - Food for Kids program. By not registering for the $50 card, families in need of more resources will be offered access to these cards. 

I  would like to remind any of our families who have children who were born in 2016 and haven’t yet registered their child to start JK in September.  We are still taking registrations.  The process is online.  Please visit the following link to create an account and start the registration process.  Once you start this process, you get added to our email list and will be included in information we send out to our incoming children.


Finally, if you are moving, could you please let either myself or Cathy Gallo know?  It helps us ensure that files get transferred and for classroom placements. If you wish to provide input regarding your child's placement for next year please send me an email - Georgia.Chatzis@tdsb.on.ca and your child's current teacher by May 16, 2020. Please understand that we are not asking for, nor can we accept, requests for placement with a specific teacher.   

We miss you and wish everyone all the best in health and wellness

Please be well,


Other available documents:

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  2. Settlement Services for Newcomers


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