Important Update: The Ontario government has announced that, due to the continued spread of COVID-19, all publicly-funded schools in Ontario, including those at the TDSB, will remain closed until Monday, May 4, 2020.
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Dundas Weekly Updates

Letter from TDSB Director : Questions & Answers

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Letter from Principal:

Dear Dundas Families,
I hope that everyone is healthy and safe. We are all experiencing an unprecedented situation together and as a community we must be united in our efforts to help our families, friends and neighbours maintain our collective health and wellness. Please continue to practise social distancing and regular hand washing. Also, make it a point to check on neighbours by establishing routines including calls, emails, video chats or a simple wave from the window. We must also make sure that those who are immunocompromised, elderly or ill have the appropriate care and daily necessities. It truly takes a village, but I believe we can weather this storm together if we stay committed to self-isolating and/ or social distancing. If you travelled over March Break, I hope you had a safe trip and you have everything you need during your 14 day isolation period.
Like many families, I spent March Break at home with my family. As an educator and mother of an 11 year old, I embraced the family time, but also tried to seize as many teaching and learning opportunities as possible. For example, we played numerous card games, board games and practiced some yoga. One of our favourites was baking together. This activity provides a number of Writing entry points, as well as the more obvious Reading and Mathematics opportunities with following recipes and measuring ingredients. Finally, as I mentioned above, we are all in the midst of what will be considered an historical event. We have been keeping a written journal which documents experiences, reflections and events during this period. At times, we choose to write independently and other times I provided a prompt or a question to respond to. I highly recommend creating a schedule with dedicated blocks for learning, meals, daily physical activity and free choice. Please look at the following resources for many more ideas on how to extend Literacy and Mathematics at home:
The Ministry of Education has complied resources that are available online to support student learning during the closure. Please visit:
In support of phase one of the Ministry of Education’s Learn at Home initiative, The TDSB has also compiled an extensive collection of resources to extend learning at home:
Please find Director, John Malloy’s message here:
At Dundas, many of our classes utilize Google Classroom or Teachers have some form of virtual communication tools already in place. We do recognize that many students and families do not have access to computers or internet at home and our Staff will be meeting virtually to discuss ways that we can overcome any barriers and achieve equity of access for all students and families. Given the uncertainty and ever-changing times we are experiencing currently, I intend to provide updates this week. Please note that school-based staff will be working remotely during the closure and staff will be accessible by email. Please note that Teachers will communicate with families after we have the opportunity to discuss the continuation of learning as a staff. 
I encourage families to establish a ‘Learning at Home Schedule’, beginning March 23. For example:
Literacy- 9:00-10:00am
Math- 10:00-11:00am
Social Studies/ Current Events- 11:00- 11:30am
Lunch- 11:30am- 12:00pm
Daily Physical Activity- 12:00-12:30pm
Science/ STEM (Design) Challenge or Genius Hour independent research- 12:30- 1:30pm
Break- 1:30- 1:50pm
French- 1:50- 2:50pm
Independent Reading or Family Read Aloud- 2:50- 3:15pm
Remember, routine is key! Please look out for further updates relating to our school specifically, as well as system messages from Director John Malloy.
Please be safe and well,
G. Chatzis - Principal

Other available documents:

  1. Kiwanis After School Program
  2. Settlement Services for Newcomers


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