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Re-Cap of the Second Council Meeting

Thanks to all the parents who were able to join in on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - it was a full house with lots of parents interested in being part of council, being voting members of council and being part of the Council Executive.   Our newly updated By-Laws call for 15 voting members on council, which includes the 5 Executive positions.  These 15 members of council are expected to attend every council meeting and be able to vote on various council items, mostly when it relates to spending decisions. Because there were more than 15 people in attendance at the election day meeting, parents were asked to make a 30-second pitch as to who they were and why they wanted to be on council.  After many previous years with little parent involvement, this was especially thrilling to see!! After a secret ballot, Principal Chatzis and Vice-Principal McDonald, counted up the votes and announced the new Executive members and voting members of council. Congratulations to all!!

Audrey Gavin & Jennifer Smith, Co-Chairs
Erika Reid, Secretary
Juliana Duray Kikuchi, Treasurer
Stacey Petersen, Voting Member
Akemi Nishidera, Voting Member
Michelle Welsh, Voting Member
Fara Mahmood, Voting Member
Jenn Vurma, Voting Member
Hugo Leal-Neri, Voting Member
James Dyson, Voting Member
Tracy Michalak, Voting Member
Jon Bowes, Voting Member
Adele Shaw, Voting Member

Have a concern about your child's teacher?

Take a moment to look through the TDSB website on how to address concerns you may have about your child's learning. You will see the starting point is to speak with your child's teacher. Then you can take your concerns to the Principal/Vice Principal, Superintendant etc. There is a lot of helpful information on the Parent pages on the TDSB site


Are you getting all the information you need?

Communication between the school and parents is critical to student success! Yet, some parents feel it is too much and some parents feel they are not getting enough.  Teachers will regularly send forms and information sheets in backpacks so make sure you check every day. Many teachers also have online apps they use to get info to parents about upcoming Library days or trips etc. Principal Chatzis and Vice Principal McDonald also send a weekly e-mail to every single Dundas parent with lots of school information and updates. These come on Fridays. And of course, Parent Council sends out our weekly e-mail newsletter the Dundas Digest on Sundays. Make sure you are on the right lists! Check with your child's teacher, give your e-mail to the front office and send an e-mail to dundasparentcouncil@gmail.ca to get on the Parent Council distribution list!


Note for Parent Volunteers

Are you interested in helping in the classroom, supervising on a field trip, or helping out for a school event on a regular basis? Please speak to the Dundas front office to get a Police Reference Check done and kept on file at the school. Click here for the TDSB 'Steps to a Police Reference Check'. There is a fee for the application. We encourage all parents who want to volunteer more than once a year to get the
application in so you are ready when an occasion comes up.