Principal's Message

Cassandra Alvarez photo

Welcome to Fairbank Public School!

We are now a Kindergarten to Grade 8 School and a Model School.

Our students and staff have been hard at work to increase student achievement and overall well-being and success. Recently, we completed a school-wide Mathematics initiative where all students answered the same question from Kindergarten to grade 8. You can certainly see a progression of skills and conceptual understanding! The teachers have emphasized strategy and the process when problem-solving. It is not always about getting the right answer! We really want our students to have a growth mind-set when doing their daily work. Students need to be challenged so that they can make mistakes and learn to a greater capacity. 

In addition, we have an amazing partnership with the University of Toronto and the ROTMAN School of Management. We are involved in the iThink initiative where students are being taught to think and come up with creative solutions to solve real world situations/problems. Student voice and engagement are certainly front and centre in our work! We are teaching our students to think! 

Cassandra Alviani-Alvarez
Principal of Fairbank P.S.