Fairmount Public School Staff List 2019-2020

Principal: Mr. Carson

Kindergarten: Ms. Rosekat, Ms. Friedlander

Early Childhood Educator:  Ms. Sutherland

Grades 1, 2 & 3:  Ms. Cheyne, Ms. Thompson-West,  Ms. Diwan (Ms. Lyons)

Grade 4/5: Mr. McCready

Grades 5: Mr. Carr

Grades 5/6:  Ms  Misner

Grades 7/8: Mr. Wood, Ms. Laurin, Ms. Jeffrey

HSP/SERT: Ms. Ravindrarajan

French: Ms. Cane

Various Subjects: Ms. Woodall

K-8 STEM and Gym: Ms. Johnston

Educational Assistant: Mr. Scott

Office Administrator: Ms. Habenschuss 

Secretary: Ms. Willems-Perri

Caretakers: Mr. Duggan, Mr. Colley

Lunchroom Supervisors: Ms. Abbas, Ms. Jalil, Ms. Kandasamy, Ms. McKenty, Ms. Nazir, Ms. Venkatakrishnan, Ms. Vignarajah

Guidance Counselor: Ms. Nicholson

Psychologist: Ms. Kampe

Social Worker: Ms. Clarke

Speech and Language Consultant:

Special Education Consultant:

ESL Itinerant: Ms. Kampouris

This list is accurate as of January 6 th but is subject to change