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Barb Ledermann

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Sanjeev Desai

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

6:45 pm

1. Welcome

2. Council Updates: Amanda Wesson (co-chair)

  • Spirit Wear: postpone to Spring 2022 as this is anniversary year for Fairmount, and there are supply chain issues with the most popular colours
  • Graduation Committee: Let Kris Suke know about council kicking off the Graduation Committee and ask her to lead the group; looking for a date for the graduation to book Birchmount CI for ceremony
  • Fundraising Committee: Not making any money this year and do we need a subgroup to
  • Equity Grant: Amanda will look into submitting the application to acquire the grant, including the possible speakers and/or activities.
  • Safety on Broadmead:Dropping off at back of school yard is getting treacherous, traffic studies have been done on Sloley and results have shown there is not sufficient traffic throughout the day to warrant a crossing guard or other city traffic interventions.

Request for any ideas:

  • Flip Give (like Rakuten) when you buy at specific stores, they give back to the school which you align with, it is a light lift for the school and parents but requires reminders.
  • Raffles, 50/50 and baskets also an option, online auction of baskets- consider online auction for 50/50 draws and games or baskets sometimes a small fee.
  • Dance-a-thon in the class, music over PA and kids stay in their classes and dance, Ste Agatha has big success with this, it is their one fundraiser each year.
  • How to get more parents out to parent council meetings
  • Better use of Facebook Group or Instagram
    • More frequent posts closer to the date
    • Put a call out in the Falconer to join group, to help direct the parents to the correct school Facebook Page
  • Use the Board at the front of the school, Parent Council used to change and manage the sign in the front of the school
    • Patrick to come up with content for every couple of weeks and develop a plan
    • Jodi has been updating the sign this year
    • Bring it back to council with how to update the sign

Action: to remind kids to be more careful and cautious on walk to school

3. Budget Update: Amanda Wesson

Review of budget for 2021-2022- allocating money to recognize the safety patrol, graduation, technology and enrichment items. Ashley move to approve; Jodi seconded. Budget passed. Amanda will review with George to make sure he is abreast of the changes.

4. Principal’s Report:Jim Carson

- Progress reports went home today (November 16) and interviews are Thursday and Friday (or other days this week per teacher and parent agreement)

- Ms Thompson-West is organizing a virtual book fair December 6-13th

- Ms Misner’s class is organizing a Toy Drive

- Ms. Amentha is organizing a holiday “concert/ show” with kids in classrooms and recording for families.

- Question regarding how to support families in need this winter through a clothing drive, Mr. Carson will work with teachers on this, and council will support as required.

5.New Business:

Adjourn at 738pm

Next meeting: Tuesday December 15th at 6:45 pm 

Fairmount Parent Council Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 – 6:30 pm

  • CALL TO ORDER/WELCOME (Amanda Wesson, Pat Dean)
  • INSURANCE (Amanda Wesson, Pat Dean)
    • $150 insurance for any school events or activities
    • Motion put forward by George Lazarevski; seconded by Margo Buttle
    • Amanda will take care of the paperwork
  • AUTUMN/SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY (Amanda Wesson, Pat Dean)
    • Organized by Ms. Amentha, students will have time outside for approximately 30 minutes dancing or engaged in a few games on the morning of Friday, October 29th
    • Students can wear costumes if they would like
    • This is for fun/school spirit only; no fundraising component
  • FAIRMOUNT SPIRITWEAR – 70TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION (Amanda Wesson, Pat Dean on behalf of Diana Pialis)
    • Diana Pialis is working on a design to commemorate Fairmount’s 70th anniversary
    • A portion of the sales will raise funds for the Parent Council (about $200 last year)
    • Online site and sales planned to start on November 1st (first day fundraising is allowed to commence this year)
    • Anyone who is interested in helping out on a small committee can contact Diana Pialis or Amanda Wesson
    • Motion forwarded by Amanda Wesson, seconded by Kristine Tambling
  • BUDGET OVERVIEW (George Lazarevski)
  • 6:33 pm meeting called to order
  • Will provide a full update in November’s meeting
  • Autumn Spirit Day – see above
  • COVID updates
    • No COVID cases at Fairmount
    • Saliva Kits from Toronto Public Health are available for pick-up at the school – these are meant for people with symptoms or have been in close contact. Courier picks up from the office and takes to Sick Kids Hospital.
  • Curriculum Night – October 21, 2021
    • Teachers will be hosting virtual sessions for curriculum night
    • Most will be occurring between 6:30-7:00 pm and 7:00-7:30 pm on Thursday, October 21st
    • Teachers will do a presentation and welcome any questions from parents
  • CCAT-7 test for Grade 3 students
    • Universal screening test for gifted program assessment will be taking place in November
    • It will be done on computers within the classrooms
    • Students who achieve a certain threshold on this test are then considered for more comprehensive testing to determine if they qualify for a special education (gifted) program
  • Staff Updates
    • Ms Cheyne is on leave for hip surgery and will return in January 2022; Ms McCartan will be covering the Grade 1 class
    • Mme Keating is on leave; Ms Dolan has been teaching French for Grade 5-8 students
  • School Reorganization/Class Reassignments
    • No reorganization this year
  • Extracurricular activities for Grade 7/8 students
    • Toronto Public Health has given the go-ahead for extracurricular activities for students in Grades 7/8
    • There is no schedule or structure yet – more to come in the coming weeks
  • Grade 8 Graduation Committee
    • Has not been initiated yet
    • Will add to November meeting agenda
  • Start Time for Parent Council Meetings
    • Some find the 6:30 pm start time to be too rushed, suggested to start at 6:45 pm
    • Motion put forward by George Lazarevski; seconded by Amanda Thomas
  • Next Meeting – Tuesday, November 16 @ 6:45 PM

Fairmount Parent Council Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 20, 2021 – 6:30 pm

  • CALL TO ORDER/WELCOME (Gavan Knox (outgoing co- chair))
  • BUDGET OVERVIEW (Gavan Knox)

  • 6:33 pm meeting called to order
  • Budget has been balanced
  • Julieanne Lee and Gavan Knox will be stepping down as co-chairs but will be available to consult and help with transition; Gavan Knox will continue to post and monitor Fairmount’s social media accounts
  • Amanda Wesson and Patrick Dean elected as Co-Chairs
  • George Lazarevski elected as Treasurer
  • Kristi Tambling elected as Secretary
  • School Messenger Email Communication System – issues were realized with the emails regarding a COVID case in Room 9; it was an issue that affected a number of schools and is now resolved
  • COVID updates
    • A positive COVID was reported in Room 9 (Grade 5/6) on September 13th
    • In the event a student tests positive for COVID, Fairmount has protocols and templates to follow for reporting. Parents will get a phone call from the school almost immediately if the case is in their child’s class as students need to self-isolate pending further direction from Toronto Public Health. There are information forms that need to be completed and sent to TDSB and Toronto Public Health that initiates a case investigator from Toronto Public Health. All parents/guardians at Fairmount will receive communication via the templates available to Mr. Carson, which is then followed up with a message that is specific to the class/cohort in which the positive test was reported.Each situation will be individually assessed and actions will vary based on if the student or staff member is symptomatic or asymptomatic, when the symptoms started, as well as if the class has students who have been fully vaccinated. (Fully vaccinated means they have received their second shots more than 18 days prior to any possible exposure to the positive case.)
    • Children need to have a COVID Screening paper form completed at the beginning of each school day OR be able to show the Health Screening App screen from a mobile phone.
  • School Photos
    • TDSB is updating their operational guidelines regarding visitors in schools; as such, Picture Day will not be on September 23rd and is tentatively scheduled for November 1st
  • School Reorganization/Class Reassignments
    • The date for reorganization has been pushed out from this week.The numbers need to take into account students who are looking to transition between virtual and in-person learning due to various circumstances.More updates to come in the following weeks, but Mr. Carson is not anticipating many, if any, changes
  • Adjusting back to in-person learning
    • In-class seems to be going well for Fairmount students. Fairmount staff are noticing that students are adjusting to in-person learning, as well as how to play together during recess and lunch.Teachers are looking how to help facilitate that in the different school zones as well as talking openly about how to play together.
  • Kindergarten Play Area
    • Students are really enjoying this new space. Thank you to the parents for their dedication to making this happen over several years.
  • Next Meeting – Wednesday, October 20th at 6:30 PM


School Council Meetings

Parent Council Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 9, 2021 – 7pm




Agenda Item



Notes and actions


Welcome (Co-Chairs, Julianne Lee & Gavan Knox)



Presentation: New Math Curriculum

(Marc Husband, TDSB Program Coordinator, Math, Science, STEM & Robotics)

Website to practice “mental math” shared with parents and recommended to help practice.


Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (Co-Chair, Gavan Knox)

Next two council meetings to look at topics related to EDI:

i) Anne Craighton, PFLAG (April)

ii) Tish Nelson, York (May) (45- 60 min as part of the Parent Council meeting)

Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grant has been applied for and received, and needs to be spent by the end of this school year. If approved and received, the funds can go to support the May workshop.

Redistribution of school funds raised based on LOI, Fairmount ranks positively and should we consider giving a portion of our funds raised to a central TDSB equity fund?

Caution expressed regarding any impact on funds raised as a result; has been raised in different years and in different circumstances

Gavan to look at this more closely and bring it forward to a future parent council meeting for discussion and decision


Fundraising & Events

(Co-Chairs, Julianne Lee & Gavan Knox)

Plan to reinstate the fundraising committee and to gather a list of parents interested joining a fundraising committee

Kristy reported on the community scavenger hunt to build Fairmount community engagement; web based scavenger hunt in the community. There is a cost to join, however this is not a fundraiser, so Council will support this and invite all Fairmount families to join in.

Look at prizes for successful participants, more details at an upcoming meeting.


Graduation Committee

(Co-Chair, Gavan Knox)

Gavan looking at setting up a sub committee to look at how to do a virtual grad for the Grade 8’s

Those who want to join, Kris, Jodie and Gavan to reach out to let them know.


Principal’s Update & Fund Requests (Principal, Jim Carson)

Still waiting on some news whether or not there is a local asymptomatic testing site, from the Scarborough LHN, however there is no further information at the time of this meeting. We anticipate hearing this week.

Fund requests:

$500 for physical education equipment (allocated to Phys Ed)

$500 for the Anti Racism in May, if not covered by the PRO Grant ( allocated Equity Based Resources)

$200 for the Family Community Scavenger Hunt Custom website (from the unallocated funds)

Total of $1200 from Council budget.

Moved by: Pat, seconded by Heejun

Motion approved.

Request from the teachers: Frames for current student artwork to decorate the library (more details at a future meeting)


Other Items

Basketball nets are still broken and a problem

Roof work has started again

Thursday, March 11 there will be a Kindergarten pre construction meeting as part of the Master Plan


Wednesday, January 13, 2021 – 7:00 pm


  • Call to order/Welcome: (Julianne Lee/ Gavan Knox (co- chairs))
  • Principal’s Report: (Jim Carson)
  • Remote Learning Feedback (Group Discussion)
  • New Business: (All hands)
  • Spirit Wear (Diana Pialis)
    • Order for spirit wear at the printers, and Diana will be doing a delivery of the spirit wear when they arrive
    • She will put it out in the Falconer and on parent council social media when they arrive
  • 7:03 pm meeting called to order
  • Teachers are working on report cards
  • Younger students are having the most challenging time with adapting to the remote learning, however it varies. Some students, particularly our youngest, may not be able to work entirely independently, particularly if we are trying to stretch their learning.
  • If there is a need for supply teachers, it may be the prep teachers that fill in or the regular teach would provide from asynchronous work for the students. 
  • Round table of parents sharing various experiences, older grades and students seem to be adapting and younger are busy learning the tools and some challenges
  • All parents are appreciative of how it is going with many of the classes and the hard work of the teachers
  • To gather information on what to do next as a council, will plan to send a survey to parents to find out if what families would participate in ideas:
    • Parenting, remote student supports, community gathering, supporting an extra-curricular for students, a student virtual talent show, community “virtual exercise” events, family feud, trivia night, Pictionary, scavenger hunt/ amazing race style etc…
  • Suggestion to put on a virtual “talent” show, ask teachers to share with students, post on Council social media and find out level of interest of having some kind of talent show in March time frame
  • Discussion on some ideas for graduation for Gr 8
  • Shared information about $200.00 one-time payment for parents in Falconer – January 8, 2021 (


Meeting adjourned: 8: 16 pm


Next meeting: Tuesday, February 9, 2021 7:00 pm 


Tuesday, December 1, 2020 - 7:00 PM

7pm Chair welcomes everyone

There is more room for participants on the Council.Derek Cormack and George Lazarevski volunteer.

Social Media – Apart from Facebook page consideration may be given to Twitter and Instagram to connect families.Quick/easy way to keep in touch by whatever means we can and use as much social media as we can.Gavan seeks input and is happy to manage.They can be run as closed groups rather than public accounts and we can see how it goes.Good avenue to explore. Question re keeping on top of families who leave the school.Good point to be mindful of and plan for. No decision made at the time to cut off those who graduate or move.

Food Drive – Food insecurity is a big deal always and especially during the pandemic.Hoping all families can contribute non-perishables to this initiative.Families (including virtual families) can drop items in the front hall boxes or send items with your child.Food will be delivered on Friday December 18, 2020 (last day of school) to the foodbank on Kingston Rd.

Spirit Wear – Online website will be launched tomorrow.Families can go online to order.Hoodies and t- shirts are available – order online/pay online.You can ship to self for a fee or can be shipped to the school.All individually packaged.Two-week window to purchase.

Festive Bake Along – Fun family activity as a run up to the holidays to keep people connected. Gavan bakes so was a natural tie in to do a bake along Zoom session on Friday December 11. He will record the session (fingers crossed) and will be posted to watch or bake along with everyone.Recipes will be available. Prizes for families taking part – uploaded pictures will be decorated.Meagan Stasiewich of the Great Canadian Baking Show will judge creative efforts.$100 gift card to local meat delivery “The Butcher Guys” (owner of No Bull Burgers) 2nd place prize is a $50 to No Bull Burgers.Also – if you go through the link a draw will occur with a prize of a dozen festive cupcakes!

Student Equity and Inclusion – Jim Carson has sent a series of resources to purchase and look through. Jim sent the information through to Gavan who will circulate through the Council for discussion purposes.

Budget Discussion -

  • things to consider:
    • phys. ed./outdoor equipment (1,000 allocation) (some zones have nothing much to do – no basketball nets)
    • equity based resources for library (some library materials need to be sanitized or left for 3 days) ($350)
    • request for more benches in gym to spread out more
    • Kindergarten-Gr.1 book programme – Nelson digital program to use in school and at home (approx. $10/student)
    • technology – document cameras or small things they need in class
    • graduation ($500)
  • Fairmount gets $500 parent engagement amount and $1.25 per student from board for council administration/parent engagement to use for guest speakers/food for meetings. ($966.00 from province and TDSB together)
  • Estimate of $300 profit for Spirit Wear
  • Insurance $177 – recommended even though all virtual at this point
  • benches ($600)
  • unallocated funds
  • carry over of $8,000 – higher than normal as there isn’t much fundraising that will occur this year.

Motion: That the proposed budget be carried. CARRIED. See proposed budget as attached.

Principal’s Update - Grade 8 to 9 transition - There is going to be a session on Dec. 7 and one on the 8th a central board presentation.It will be recorded so families will be able to listen. Virtual grade 8’s can rely upon Fairmount…those kids applying for optional attendance or specialized programs may require more guidance.

Spirit at Fairmount– Kids very excited about Remembrance Day because of the opportunities to prepare and perform as it was an event that is outside of the regular classroom.Indicated to us the importance of students having things to look forward to and that it is a challenge this year because sports teams, field trips and extra curriculars are not running.Need to do some things to build school spirit and give students something to look forward to.There will be a winter theme door decorating.This Friday Jersey day.There will be pj day and a backwards day. Grade 7/8 students are beginning to plan an outdoor winter activity day.

Teachers have been talking about the fact that there was no curriculum night this year meant that there wasn’t an opportunity to connect with families in the same way. Parents should have received a curriculum overview from their child’s teacher but we know that many come to that evening to meet the teacher and see the school/classroom – to connect. In an effort to connect with families, teachers/students are working on a ‘virtual open house’. The idea that each teachers will send out something to families to show a day in the class. Can do videos/pictures for families.Should have something before the break.

Adjourned: 9pm


Next Meeting:JANUARY 13, 2021


Fairmount Parent Council Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 4, 2020 – 7:00 pm

  1. Call to order/Welcome:  Julianne Lee/ Laura Wilson (co- chairs)
    1. 7:04 pm meeting called to order
  2. Approval of Minutes: 
    1. Minutes of January 8, 2002 meeting approved (posted to Fairmount P.S. SAC Facebook Page; shared in Falconer) (C. Leard motion to approve, seconded by J. Blazo) all approved.
  3. Teacher Survey Results & Council Goals (Julianne Lee and Laura Wilson)
    1. Council Goals: there are a few things we already do--   Support student achievement, through purchasing required materials Promote a sense of school community, with family events and student enrichment programs Proposing: Work towards long term improvement of the partnership with parents and teachers Teacher Survey: Results from survey provide some suggestions for improved parent/ teacher communications, examples provided by teachers included more family literacy or math nights; recommend parents address questions and feedback directly with teachers Resiliency Workshop: Cancelled in January, suggestion to add the workshop with a council meeting and shorten the length of the workshop? Consider having a movie night together with the workshop? Julianne to look at rescheduling workshop for a time in the future. Fund requests: to be on hold until an inventory is conducted, and requests are prioritized and there is a system put in place for sharing resources and a centralized location for storage
  4. Treasurer’s Report: Julianne Lee for Sanjeev Desai (absent)
    1. There is less money this year due to no Fall Fair Need to leave some money in the budget for next year
  5. Principal’s Report: Jim Carson
    1. Report cards and interviews: no report cards, but teachers continue to assess and are required to submit the marks to Mr. Carson Interviews on Feb 14 th only- As in the past, teachers will request an interview with parents/ guardians of students who they feel they need to see. Other parents can request an interview if they wish and teachers will do their best to accommodate Coronavirus: TDSB takes direction from Toronto Public Health, no questions or inquiries so far at  Fairmount, communications are coming from the TDSB Grade 8 trip: notice sent to parents regarding trip and unknown teacher job action, surveying parents on interest in continuing, waiting to hear final word Babysitting course 27 kids attended and was well received Student behavior was a concern last year, recently three visitors to the school who proactively mentioned the positive environment and the positive behavior from the students
  6. Fundraising Committee Update: Cindy Leard
    1. Family Skating Day- February 23rd, hosting a free family skate. Council to rent ice for 2 hours, cost about 440$; to cover costs will have a raffle for prizes, a gift card basket, wine basket and a toy basket; big draw will be a raffle for Leaf’s tickets (valued at $600.00) Looking for donations for gift cards for the gift card basket Cindy needs parent volunteers to sell raffle tickets on Feb 14 th (parent interview day) Hot chocolate and cookies will be offered Fall Fair- Cindy and others are going to assess the Fall Fair, what earns money and requires resource in March and will come back to council with more information
  7. New Business
    1. Grad meeting Feb 27th, 7 pm in School Library


Meeting adjourned:  8:55 pm February 4, 2020

Next meeting: Wednesday, March 4, 2020 7 pm


Julianne Lee

Laura Wilson

Barb Ledermann

Jim Carson (Principal)

Alexandra Cabezos

Cindy Leard

Ashley Vogel

Kristina Suke

Doug Davidson

Jodi Blazo

Erin Gurgis

Adriana Award

Heejung Yang

Colin Lewis

Wednesday, January 8, 2020 – 7:00 pm

  • Call to order/Welcome:Julianne Lee/ Laura Wilson (co- chairs)
    • January Parent Council activities planned for January 23, 2020- Toronto Public Health nurse to lead a workshop on resiliency
    • Sign-up sheets to be distributed in Falconer
  • Approval of Minutes:
    • Minutes of December 3, 2019 meeting approved (posted to Fairmount P.S. SAC Facebook Page; shared in Falconer) (Heejung motion to approve, seconded by Kris) all approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer, Sanjeev Desai
    • Financials are on track to budget
  • Principal’s Report: Jim Carson
    • Lockers are in place for the Grade 7/8
    • Officer Rowe, school’s police liaison officer, to come and talk to students about safety
    • Student Council discussed Math Mentors program, and having students gr. 7-8 provide the mentorship at lunch; Ms. Cole and Ms. Vandenberg have volunteered to supervise this at lunch time
    • If the current job action continues to report card time in February then Gr 1-8 report cards will only contain a mark and no comments
    • Fund request from Ms. Cane for accessories to support technology in the school, based on an inventory, total amount $1000.00- approved
    • Kindergarten Promethium Board/ Smart Board is still on hold as there is no board approved vendor at this time
    • Parent Council Assistance fund: request at last meeting for Parent Council to allocate money to set up a fund to purchase clothing or other personal items needed by the students; fund to be managed by teachers and Mr. Carson. Suggestion for a Fairmount Cares fund to be put into the budget in September for 2020- 2021 school year.
  • Group Discussion: Reflecting on the school year so far and looking forward: All Hands
    • Stable administration is appreciated
    • Presence of senior admin and teachers outside is noted
    • Student Council is positive addition
    • Drop off and pick up parking continues to be an issue and treatment of the safety patrol students
  • Council Mission Statement and Goals: Julianne Lee/Laura Wilson
    • Postpone to the next meeting
  • Fundraising Committee Update: Cindy Leard
    • Fundraising Committee proposing class baskets and silent auction tied in with a Family Skate Night; Cindy looking at location for Family Skate aiming for Friday, Feb 21
    • Looking at how to do a silent auction, in person or online. Right now looking for big auction items: shows, hotel stays, hockey/ basketball games etc.. looking for large items
    • Mr. Lazarevski to look into how to get volunteers for garden clean up many companies, including BMO, have volunteer days for staff
    • Looking for someone to co- chair the Fall Fair, planning for Fall Fair September 2020- interested members of the community to contact Cindy Leard
  • Grad Committee Update and Grade 6 babysitter’s course info: Kris Suke
    • Grad Committee still looking for parents from younger grades to volunteer to help support the event in June (mainly Gr 6-7 parents)
    • NEXT GRAD COMMITTEE MEETING: February 27th, 2020 7 pm in the library
    • Babysitting course offered on January 17th PA Day, 9 am - 4:30 pm taught by the Red Cross and can accommodate a minimum of 10 students, and can take up to 30 students in the day long program
    • Cost is $60.00 students get a certificate of completion
  • New Business:
    • Council to look into bringing a guest speaker about bullying and kindness, Errol Lee Caring Concerts is a possibility as it has been recommended
    • Proposal to bring the Karate lunchtime program to the school again this year

Meeting adjourned: 9:10 pm December 3, 2019

Next meeting: Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Julianne Lee

Laura Wilson

Sanjeev Desai

Barb Ledermann

Jim Carson (Principal)

Cindy Leard

Ashley Vogel

Kristina Suke

Carolyn Pinheiro

Heath Roper (Sunshine)

Heejung Yang

George Lazarevski

Sarah Tunney Conroy

Michele Walsh- McDonald

Patrice Bigwood

Tuesday, December 3, 2019– 7:00 pm

Meeting Minutes

  • Call to order:Julianne Lee (co- chair)
  • Approval of Minutes:
    • Minutes of November 6, 2019 meeting approved (posted to Fairmount P.S. SAC Facebook Page) (Lewis/Leard motion to approve the minutes of November 6, 2019.CARRIED)
  • Welcome Councilor Gary Crawford: Derek Cormack
    • Focus on traffic issues on Sloley: city has instituted a number of measures over many years to limit parking and to keep traffic flowing outside the school on Sloley
    • In the past has looked at the idea of a crossing guard, cross walk and city staff has looked at a number of solutions over the years.
    • City is currently looking at a feasibility study (3-4 months) for a crossing guard or a cross walk
    • City has changed the process for crossing guards, no longer with police services, in the past it was with police services and there was less opportunity.
    • One of the challenges is the lack of sidewalks; crossing guards need to deliver pedestrians to a safe destination, such as a sidewalk; only one sidewalk on Sloley going east.
    • Hoping by the Spring 2020 to come back to school council on what the recommendations are from the feasibility study.
    • Next meeting looks to bring the city staff and a police liaison to discuss how we get enforcement of the existing no parking/ no stopping, designated drop off area
    • Many suggestions to increase the “aggressiveness” of the signage, speed bumps, stops signs, police ticketing
  • Treasurers Report: Julianne Lee (on behalf of Sanjeev Desai)
  • Principal’s Report: Jim Carson
  • School Improvement Plan (SIP) Follow up and Council Goals: Julianne Lee (co- chair)
    • Notified council of submission of School Statement of Need
    • Council will include student council and parent council to build a framework that works toward the same goals.
    • Efforts/spending should align with SIP.
    • Ideas for Council events: Resiliency workshop for parents which contemplates building coping mechanisms for children and resources to help support that (2-hour parent workshop) (January 23 proposed date).
    • Wellness workshop is another idea.Perhaps have every other month events that included mental health/wellness.Today’s student is exposed to very different influences than students of yesteryear particularly with re social media.
    • Pressure re literacy and the goal of having students reading by the end of grade 1.It was suggested that perhaps primary teachers could hold a primary parent meeting to present ideas on supporting literacy in the home.
    • Suggestion also made to hold a family math night perhaps in February where teachers could explain why math is taught in its current form.
    • Positive home/school connections are important
    • Parent suggested the Reading A-Z program (RAZ Kids). (An alternative is Book Flix through the TDSB Virtual Library or Epic -
  • Fundraising Committee Update
  • New Business:
  • See attached report
  • Note that Spirit Wear income in not completely accurate given actual costs have not been paid for
  • Question about the amount to be carried over to the next school year.It is believed to be $500.00
  • There will be a further $700 approved for technology that will be gone.
  • $960 dollars was approved for leveled readers.All the teachers involved are having input for the books and the money will be spent.
  • Kris has flagged a grade 8 grad cheque that is believed to be for audio visual tech support
  • Assistance Fund – The council discussed setting up a fund to support students in need.The intent of the fund would be to support students who may be in need of winter clothing or assistance with trip funding.The council agreed that a small fundraiser will be set up for the purpose to providing needed items/funds to students.A criteria and logistics of how it may work will be developed for the next council meeting.
  • TDSB Insurance Policy – this policy does not cover all school events such as the fall fair.For the protection of those on the school council, it would be prudent to purchase insurance for such events with minimal expenditure of $150.00.Yang/Buttle, That the council purchase alternative insurance to cover council events up to a cost of $150.00.CARRIED.
  • Pretty much everything gets put in the Falconer
  • Met with the public health nurse to discuss student stress/playground pals.She provided handouts however Will follow up with a view to her visiting the school and students.
  • Construction – the fence is down.The students love it and enjoy the wall.Staff are attentive to safety.
  • Winter concert – December 17 @ 6:30. Each class to perform at the winter and/or spring Concert.
  • January 29-31 grade 6s attend Kearney. Cost of $150.00.
  • Met with student council today.They are keen to have a voice and be active in planning events such as spirit days and assemblies.Goal to create a positive school culture where all students are welcome and feel a sense of belonging and part of a community. Discussion of math mentor program where older students help younger students with their math at lunch time was one initiative that was discussed and students would like to be part of.
  • Question re kindergarten playground management.The PALS program, or something like it, will come back with the support of students and, we are hopeful, the Public Health Nurse.
  • Student council are a keen group Manage the kinder playground...we do have kids doing that now... a PALS program could further support this.
  • The Student Council is made up of student leaders but they know that one of their mandates is to give leadership opportunities to other students through their initiatives. We want to build capacity and involvment.
  • There have been several fundraisers prior to the holidays.It was suggested that the next fundraiser occur in February.Perhaps a basket auction with a smaller number of baskets to be displayed during parent teacher interview time.
  • A February family skate night during the week of Feb. 14th has been proposed. Cindy is looking into location and permits.
  • More ideas are welcome.
  • More parent volunteers are welcome.
  • If parents have connections the committee is looking for donations.
  • Does grade 1 have a letter grade report card? Yes. Letter report cards for Grades 1-6 and percentages starting in Grade 7.
  • Does the Lunch Lady deliver only on Friday? No, you can add as many days as you want
  • Lockers will be installed this year.Date for installation is unclear but there is some optimism that it may be done early in the new year as the vendor has indicated December 16th as a delivery date to the board.
  • Ms. Misner has asked if anyone has free floating Christmas decorations for the holiday concert to decorate the stage. There is a quick turn-around so need easy set up/take down.Example – the blow ups/extra Christmas tree.Please bring to room 22.
  • Traffic safety – Online form re enforcement.Need enforcement from 8:30-8:45. Toronto Parking Authority and they will open an ongoing file. Parents should call for parking enforcement.
  • Where did the blue ramp go for mobility challenged students? It is believed to have been taken.We are in need of immediate accessibility for a student who had mobility challenges. Facilities has been contacted with hopes that quick action may be taken.

Meeting adjourned: 9:10 pm December 3, 2019

Next meeting Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Kris Suke

Julianne Lee

Cindy Leard

Sandra Rosekat (teacher)

Adrian Award

Lisa Radchenko

Alejandra Cabetos

Robyn Hayn

Barb Ledermann

Ashley Vogel

Jim Carson (Principal)

Derek Cormack

Pat Dean

Margo Buttle

Ashley Vogel

Diano Pialis

Andrea Sorensen

Carolyn Pinheiro

Emily King

Heather Roper (Sunshine)

Heejung Yang

Carolyn Penheiro

Patrice Bigwood

Colin Lewis

Marina Kolokotonis

Fairmount Parent Council Meeting

Wednesday, November 6, 2019– 7:00 pm

  • Call to order:Julianne Lee and Laura Wilson (co- chairs)
  • Approval of Minutes:
    • Minutes of October 1, 2019 meeting approved (posted to Fairmount P.S. SAC Facebook Page) (Cindy Leard motion to approve, seconded by Emily King)
  • Family Survey Results: Julianne Lee
  • School Improvement Plan (SIP) Group work: Jim Carson
    • School Improvement Plan is a working document, developed by the teachers with the Principal and then brought to the Parent Community
    • Mr. Carson is looking for specific parent input and feedback in all areas of the draft SIP plan, but in particular in the areas of Well-being and Equity
    • SIP is a 3-5-year roadmap, which is updated and revised every year; school is accountable to achieve the plan and committed to doing the plan
    • In groups reviewed one of the 4 areas of the plan (Numeracy, Literacy, Well Being and Equity) and provided feedback to Mr. Carson
    • Questions about programming for the Arts Based Curriculum School; arts are integrated into programming where appropriate
  • Fundraising Report: Cindy Leard
  • Treasurer Report: Sanjeev Desai
  • Principal’s Report: Jim Carson
  • School Statement of Needs: Laura and Julianne
    • Notified council of submission of School Statement of Need
  • New Business:
  • Responses n= 20, not representing the whole community, but opportunity to get a little bit of insight.
  • Top recommended resource was to have workshops with speakers; math was the most indicated area of need; another area with a high score was getting the most from parent teacher interviews (fact sheet to be included in the Falconer)
  • Looking for free options for workshops, including accessing available resource through Toronto Public Health topics could include resiliency, mental health, many options…
  • Also looking at paid options for workshops
  • Feedback on response rate: how can we increase the response rate; table at interview night/ day, or during curriculum night; keep including the link to the survey in Falconer
  • Dance a thon:
    • Costume sale ($80) and bake sale ($606) pledges ($6768); Expenses of ($47)
  • Silent Auction: Class/ Grade baskets at the Holiday concert
  • Still waiting for $19 000.00 to be taken for the school yard plan
  • $6500.00 unallocated
  • School yard: on track and soon to be done, waiting for the installation of the fence
  • Fund requests: Technology
    • Intermediate Division: $1427.25 for 5 new Chrome books to update the Chromebook cart
    • Junior Division: 3 document cameras $ 1455.00
    • Primary Division: For Grade ¾ classes for 2 surface tablets $700.00
  • Technology fund requests approved: Adrian motion to approve and Ashley seconded
  • Enrichment Request:
    • Grade7/8 music mouth pieces and cleanser instruments for $443.63
    • Request to purchase levelled readers to supplement $960.00
  • Enrichment Requests approved: Cindy motion to approve Ashley seconded
  • Grade 8 grad meeting on Thursday November 28th, 6:30 pm in Library
  • Concern expressed with lack of supervision of children, particularly the primary at the Cross-Country Meet at Thomson Park.
  • Request for Lunch Lady on Monday, as well request to resend information to parents
  • Lockers for Intermediate students - Mr. Carson is in touch with the facilities leader and expecting more details soon

Meeting adjourned: 9:10 pm November 6, 2019

Next meeting Tuesday, December 3, 2019


Kristina Suke

Jodie Blazo

Tanya Meinen

Julianne Lee

Laura Wilson

Cindy Leard

Sandra Rosekat (teacher)

Barb Ledermann

Ashley Vogel

Adrian Award

Lisa Radchenko

Erin Girgis

Graham Prentice

Jim Carson (Principal)

Michele Walsh McDonald

Carolyn Pinheiro

Karina Sanders

Emily King

Sanjeev Desai

Heather Roper (Sunshine)

Heejung Yang

Tuesday October 1, 2019




J. Lee, 

L. Wilson

  • A new Facebook group has been created 
  • May post questions/comments (within the scope of the guidelines)
  • Attempts have been made to set up a school council email however getting locked out was a past issue
  • Family survey will be sent out in Falconer. The idea is to get feedback on how to support parents, what things people are interested in hearing about or understanding regarding student education. This will guide what happens in council meetings. Can be part of our focus. All will receive in a link. 


Yang /Lewis 

That the minutes of September 2019 be approved as printed. 


Treasurer Report 


  • No fall fair included as it is not happening
  • Only included standard fund raisers at this point
  • Other fund raisers may occur 
  • Increased technology in the budget to accommodate possible teacher requests 
  • See attached budget for details


That the budget is approved as printed. 


Principal’s Report

Construction - An architect will assess the feasibility of a fence to put on perimeter of parking lot so students are funneled through without having to walk through parking lot. This was part of the original plan. The asphalt will go down on Friday. They would rather put it off until the PA day on October 11 however, given variable weather it is better to do sooner rather than later. 


Work to Rule CUPE - started yesterday. Impact not noticed by students. Students will be eating in classes. They require a boomerang lunch (all goes home). Question re dance-a-thon – can parents clean up after as they have in past? Yes. 


EQAO - data will have come home already if your child wrote the test. Overall data demonstrates good news in the area of reading/writing where Fairmount scores well above the average. Still work to be done regarding math. Professional development will continue and this focus will be included in the school plan. 

Data demonstrates good news for this school 


School Statement of Need - Each year schools must create a statement of need. This will be provided to the co-chairs to fill out. The school board doesn’t only go by this statement but it does factor into the equation. 


Security/Vandalism - J. Carson spoke to facilities about all the vandalism that takes place from people that hang out in the evening. Many nooks/crannies and the low roof presents difficulties and requires 11 cameras, which is very expensive. The school would have to cover approximately half the cost. The police will follow up on footage as required. 


Requests from Teachers – Requests for more laptops (chrome books). 9 for the juniors ($2,700), intermediates (2 carts which are$ 4,000 total and 70 chrome books $25,000), cart plus 30 chrome books (30,000). Kindy – requests a promethium board (after 12 years it died), ($4,000). G 4/5 requested an Elmo ($500). Schools will receive their budgets at the end of October. Previously there was about $2,000 that you had to spend on technology (note you could increase that amount if the school chooses). The school also needs to provide books for the library so there are many competing interests. The council requests that an inventory be done to understand and prioritize needs. In past the council has had fall fair money available however that is not the case this year. Funds are limited. 



Re the outdoor playground. The board comes and does monthly inspections of the playground. When something is broken a request is put in to fix it. There were boards put up where once there was a ladder. The boards are now missing. What is happening re this safety issue? A request has been put in. 


Re lunch in the classes – Is it safe? The supervisors go from room to room. In principal’s last school they ate lunch in the classrooms all the time and not a problem. The gym stays available for extracurricular. It will work for now. There are now 3 lunchroom supervisors for kindergarten classes. 


Re garbage - Who do we approach about having a garbage can in the yard? (the city ones). City bins won’t be placed on school grounds. There is a garbage bin there now but the challenge is to get the kids to throw out their garbage. Do children do announcements? Yes. Can they put in a quick reminder for all to pick up their garbage. 



Can we have a fundraising sub committee? Sign up list circulated.

That way most of the discussion/ brainstorming could occur outside the school council meetings. If interested – provide name/email. They can meet outside the council meetings. It gives opportunity to have more of a team. You can meet at your leisure. You can email each other. Idea is to help streamline the focus of council meetings.


October 25 Halloween themed dance-a-thon. If children don’t want to dress up that is not a problem. All may participate if they chose. Bake sale to occur. Usually the grade 7’s run the bake sale. Last year made about $450. Baked goods left aside so each class could have access to the baked items. This is photo retake day so may be a problem. J. Carson will call Edge to see if they can change photo retake day. Last year beach themed so this year will be a Halloween theme. Grade 8’s to collect the money from each class. 

Gently used costumes will be sold.



Next Meeting

Wednesday November 6, 2019

Rosie Lewis , Cindy Leard, Pat Dean, Colin Lewis, Derek Cormack, Rob Hayman, Ashley Vogel, Jodie Blazo, Nigel Fawcett, Adrian Award, Lisa Radchako, Lorna Robertson, Barb Ledermann, Tanya Meinen, Graham Knox, Lynn Campbell, Karina Sanders, Jessica Sommerfield, Patrice Bigwood, Heejung Yang, Maureen ?, Melisa Barrilu, Kris Suke , Michele Walsh McDonald, Diana Pialis, Alejandra Cabezas, Doug Davidson, Jim Carson, Julianna Lee, Laura Wilson, Sandra Rosekat

Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019– 7:00 pm

  • Call to order:Colin Lewis called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm
  • Approval of Minutes:
    • Minutes of June 2019 meeting approved (posted to Fairmount PS SAC)
  • Nominations and Election for 2019-2020
  • Fairmount Update and Principal Welcome: Jim Carson
  • Fall Fair: Cindy Leard
  • Curriculum Night: Colin Lewis
  • Budget meeting:
  • New Business:
  • Great turnout
  • Please join Fairmount Parent Council on Facebook: Fairmount PS SAC
  • Meetings err monthly Alternating Tuesday/ Wednesday (September Wed; October Tues; November Wed etc…)
  • Discussion about opened council or a select number of voting council members
  • Challenges of the past have been getting quorum for council meetings
  • Quorum at a meeting to hold a vote at the council meeting is 10
  • Decision made to have all meeting attendees eligible to vote; however but Mr. Carson reminded us to have a whole school perspective when we vote on the various agenda items
  • Council positions for 2019-2020 School year
    • Co- Chairs: Laura Wilson and Julianne Lee
    • Treasurer: Sanjeeve Desai
    • Co- Secretary: Barb Ledermann and Lorna Larmour
  • 19 years as a Principal and has had a great few days to start the school year.
  • Expecting a great year; and students have been very welcoming
  • Construction behind the school on going, expecting it to be finished by end of October (but that might change)
  • Derek Cormack/ Diana Pialis updated on Phase 1 of the School Yard Redesign Masterplan; Phase 1 includes Kindergarten area and grading of school yard; copy of master plan to be posted in school office
  • Question regarding how to get access to the Kindie playground for the Kindies who go home for lunch as access to the yard is blocked by the construction; agreed can use the west side door so that they can come back to school before the end of lunch.
  • Classroom Reorganization may happen after the second week of school; at Fairmount the “hot spots” are Kindergarten and Intermediate. While we may not need to open new classrooms in other grades it doesn’t preclude the necessity to shift some students to ensure that our classroom caps are met and to ensure that classrooms are balanced with regard to the needs and strengths of classes. However, we strive to minimize disruption.
  • Opened Discussion about the split grade classrooms ; there is no intention to change;
  • Question regarding vice principals are based on numbers (Fairmount has 393 students), school needs and programs offered (i.e. French Immersion); no VP at Fairmount
  • A Library update was discussed in 2018-19, Mr. Carson has to learn more about what was planned for the library will work with the teacher librarian
  • Principal’s main goals are: to provide a school culture of high expectations where people feel supported and a focus on student achievement
  • How can Parent Council help support the work of the school? Be understanding of the teachers, ask questions “how is my child doing and what can I do?”
  • Fall Fair 2019 on hold due to construction
  • Looking for a committee of about 6 volunteers for the various Fall Fair areas (baskets, auction, sponsors, tearoom, vendor tables) and also looking for a co- chair to work with Cindy
  • The Fall Fair usually raise about 20K for the school each year
  • Looking for other ways to raise money this year as there will be a loss of this revenue
  • Curriculum September 26th, 6-8 pm
  • Cindy to look at getting food trucks for curriculum night; to be located in the front of the school
  • Volunteers are needed
  • School improvement plan will be developed in October
  • Need the teacher requests before we know how we allocate the council budget
  • Budget meeting to be held: October 1 6pm-7pm in the School library
  • Need better communication about opened invitation of council meetings; all parents in the school community are welcome to attend council meetings

Meeting adjourned8:56 pm

Next meeting Tuesday, October 1, 2019 


Sept. 14 Minutes – School Council Sep 14.docx

Oct. 5

Meeting Minutes Fairmount Parent Council meeting Oct 2016.docx

Nov. 2

We encourage all parents to attend and be involved in the life of our school community. 
Minutes of the meetings will be posted here for your reference.