STEM+ program accepts application

Online Application Deadline: November 22, 2019
Entrance Exam: Friday, December 6, 2019
Please arrive by 8:30 a.m.
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Vanier Teachers Excellence award winners

Congratulations to Vanier teachers Mr. Shafin Devji and Ms. Barb Colterman - Last night was the ceremony for the TDSB Excellence Awards. The MC said they had a record number of nominations-240. They chose 11 winners- and two of them were from Vanier-We always felt fortunate to work at Vanier but yesterday we felt truly proud! Congratulations to both of them. 

Skills Competetion

Congratulations to GVSS Skills winners Wei Jixuan and Xuanyi Zoe Chen - 2D Animation; Mohamed Zitoun - Cabinetmaking; Airon Policarpio - Photography; Ainafee Maknojia - Coding; Joshua Bernalte - Prepared Speech. Thanks to the support of staff advisors and supervisors.


"The Hub"
in the library...monitored by staff at lunch

Come to the library at lunch to finish homework, assignment, projects, and get help.

About Our School

Georges Vanier Secondary School (GVSS) is a dynamic learning environment with a wide variety of opportunities to meet the needs of all students. We host a full range of courses in all areas of the Ontario Curriculum. We are proud to be launching a new program, STEM+, a grade 9 -12 enriched program in Mathematics and Science that takes a Global, Social Justice perspective in the delivery of the curriculum. As well, there are MSC2, PROGRAM 2 ART, and three Specialist High Skills Major Programs (Aerospace, ADVANCE: Arts & Culture, and ICT) that attract students with different academic interests and passions.
Vanier serves a highly diverse student population & we are dedicated to preparing students to be successful in the Global Economy.

At GVSS students are challenged to analyze, reason & communicate their ideas effectively. The school is equipped with amazing multi-media labs, music and art studios, a flight simulator and high technology production equipment including a 3D printer and laser cutter. We support all students; from those wishing to study rigorous enriched curriculum, to students with developmental challenges.
Georges Vanier strives to instill a strong sense of community service and civic engagement in our students . Ours students' responses to local and international crises are testimony to their belief in serving others less fortunate. GVSS is a place where students come first.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Music Studio is one of the world’s finest public school music creation and production facilities.

Vanier proudly offers the only AVIATION & AEROSPACE SHSM in the TDSB.

Vanier students are able to earn a Focus on Information Technology (FIT) Certificate which is granted by the Information Technology Software Association (ITSA) and recognized by the IT Industry across Canada.

To date, all PROGRAM 2 ART graduates who have applied to Ontario College of Art and Design University have been accepted and gained early admission.

Vanier is an Advance Placement (AP) certified testing centre and currently offers the AP Calculus course. Other AP courses will be added as the STEM+ students progress through their program.

Arts @ Vanier

The work of a group of our Senior Visual Art students has been selected by a jury of professional artists for exhibition in the TDSB creates Art Festival, a board-wide Celebration of Student Voice, Creative Ideas, and Arts for All.

Lima Urya, Yalda Safar Ali, Nadica Vergovic

Watercolour, Pencil and Photograph on 60” x 48” Canvas

Little Things

“Our art piece shows the difference representations of love in our daily lives. Through the concept of pointillism, a variety of small pictures will create a big image. The larger image is a smile and the different colours will represent different types of love. The skin colour will consist of the simple and daily things we love. The red colour of the lips will represent the love we share with people that surround us. And the darker parts will show the parts of love that we, as people, believe to negatively affect us. The big image is a smile because all the little things, both good and bad, make up who we are. Our smiles tell our stories.”

"Time Capsule" - From the past to the future