About Us

George Syme Community School (GR. JK-08)

George Syme Community School's motto is "Believing in achieving, together we make it happen!"
As a school in the Model Schools for Inner City (MSIC) program, George Syme Community School is committed to student achievement by building strong partnerships with families and the community. Located near Jane Street and St. Clair Avenue West, George Syme hosts a French Immersion program. Its diversity is seen and heard inside and outside as students, families, and staff speak over 30  languages. We strive to teach curriculum through units of study where students see themselves as agents of change and critical thinkers. George Syme is the hub of the community offering many programs for students and parents during and beyond the school day.   
Phone:(416) 394-2340
Fax:(416) 394-4433
Address:69 Pritchard Ave, York, ON, M6N 1T6
Principal:Roula Skordakis
Vice-Principal(s):Angela Jannetta
Penny Blake-Petric
Office Staff:Amanpreet Kaur Sandhu
School Council Chair(s):Kristine Gauthier
Superintendent:Kimberley Pividor
Learning Network:LN04
Trustee:Liban Hassan
Ward:Ward 6