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Glen Ravine Online Learning Links

JK/SK K1& 2 (Ms. Alexiou,

Ms. G,


Ms. McCartan)

JK/SK #2

(Mr. McHarg, Ms.Rennie, Ms.Tyson)

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4, 5, 6

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Teacher Contact Info

Ms. Lewis (Principal)

Ms. G (ECE, K1 a.m.)

Ms. Ali (ECE, K1 p.m.)

Ms. Rennie (ECE, K2 p.m.)

Ms. Tyson (ECE, K2 a.m.)

Ms. Alexiou (K1)

Mr. Mcharg (K2)

Ms. Mccartan (K3)

Ms. Haines (Gr.1)

Ms.Bhardwaj (Gr.1/2)

Ms. Bacchus (Gr.2)

Ms. Massop (Gr.2/3)

Ms. Karanka (Gr.3)

Ms. Mcdonald (Gr.4)

Ms. Sylvan (Gr.5)

Ms. Lankeswaran (Gr.5/6A)

Mr. Crothers (Gr.5/6B)

Ms. Kidane (Gr.5 Science/ESL)

Ms. Petropoulos (French)

Ms. Kim (Computers/Health)

Ms. Karaoulis (Sp.Ed/Library)

Mr. Oberer (Sp.Ed/Gym)