Model Schools for Inner Cities

Grenoble is proud to be a Model School for Inner Cities

Model Schools for Inner Cities


Karen Falconer
Executive Superintendent

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We are committed to ensuring that every student succeeds and every family and community has access to the same opportunities and social supports. Challenges like poverty and language barriers can affect how well students do in school. Model Schools for Inner Cities is an initiative that ensures students in the inner city grow up with all the positive choices and opportunities they need to thrive. We focus on the needs of the child and by working together with students, families, community and governments; we can help make a difference.

Model Schools are committed to:

  1. Innovative teaching and learning practices
  2. Providing support services to meet social, emotional and physical well-being of students
  3. Establishing schools as the heart of the community
  4. Researching, reviewing and evaluating students and programs
  5. An ongoing commitment to share successful practice

The goals of Model Schools are:

  1. Equity: achieving fairness and equity to ensure the lives and realities of our students are reflected and affirmed. Closing the opportunity gap to support equitable outcomes for all students.
  2. Community: equitable educational opportunities and adequate school resources allow schools to become the heart of their communities and the pillars of the neighbourhoods.
  3. Inclusiveness: an inclusive culture that respects and reflects all aspects of the school, its community and staff.
  4. Expectations: achievement enhances self-esteem, which in turn, fuels achievement. Every child is expected to progress to the highest level of which they are capable, regardless of economic or cultural background.