Grenoble Partnerships




Over the past decade, WJ Properties has been a generous partner with Grenoble PS, helping to support a variety of student-based programs including: 
  •  Skating program at Angela James Arena; 
  •  Annual overnight trip to Camp Tapawingo in Parry Sound ON;
  • Helped to purchase computers for our student led Video Editing Club; 

Thanks kindly for your continued support!





 We are so fortunate to work in partnership with the OSC. Grenoble PS students have the privilege of to experience the following:

  • 7-9 OSC summer camp scholarships; 
  • invitations to view OMNIMAX  movies and preview new school programs;
  • Science School students visit Grenoble and read homemade Science books and run activities for primary students;
  • free admission to OSC;
  • participate in Grenoble's Math/Science parent nights;
  • Grenoble students made exhibits for "The Question of Truth" exhibit still on display; and
  • Use of OSC auditorium for Grenoble's Grade 6 graduation! 


Wynford has been generously raising money to financially support student learning at Grenoble Public School. Historically, Wynford donations have supported many technology initiatives and provided additional enriched learning opportunities for our students.  They have also done an amazing job at supporting our Character Education programming at Grenoble. 

Thank you Wynford for your ongoing support!