Weather Alerts

Keeping in Touch with Mother Nature

Grenoble PS Alert System

As we all know, the weather conditions in Canada can, at times, be severe. When conditions are so severe as to warrant school closures, it is imperative that parents and students be made aware of these closures. This is why we have decided to implement an alert system on this website. Any important alerts regarding inclement weather conditions, road closures or any other events that can alter the school day at Grenoble PS will be posted in the "Special Alerts".

The following is a letter to parents from the Toronto District School Board regarding school closures. Below that you will find alternate sources of information regarding school closures.

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Occasionally, severe weather conditions may require the Toronto District School Board to cancel transportation and close schools. This may occur before the beginning of the school day or, if conditions become severe, during the school day. To ensure the safety and welfare of students and staff during school hours, the Board's Severe Weather operational procedures will guide decisions and operations.

The safety and welfare of students is a shared responsibility with parents and guardians. It is important for everyone to understand how the Board operates under unusual weather conditions. Please familiarize yourself with the following procedures and communication plan so together we can ensure the safety of the students entrusted in our care.

Keeping Your Child Safe
In the event of severe weather conditions, please keep children at home, if possible. 

Decision to Close Schools
The decision to close schools is made by the Director of Education.

Closure of schools or cancelation of transportation services will be announced from 6:30 a.m. onward on the following stations:

AM Radio: FAN 590, CFTR 680, CFRB 1010, CHUM 1050, CHIN 1540, CHOG 640

FM Radio: KISS 92.5, CHFI 98.1, CBC 99.1, CKFM 99.9, CFNY 102.1, CHUM 104.5, CILQ 107.1, CHIN 100.7, CIDC 103.5, CJEZ 97.3, FLOW 93.5