About Us

Harwood Public School (GR. JK-08)

Igniting Hearts, Minds, and Actions
Harwood Public School is located off McCormack Street, west of Weston Road and between Rogers Road and St. Clair Avenue. Our school has a long and rich history dating back to 1928. 
Harwood serves approximately 170 students representing about 25 different language groups. Over half of our students speak a language other than English. 
We now offer Grade 4 Extended French.
Harwood teaching staff provide a wide range of experiences to support student learning. Our goal at Harwood Public School is to develop and maintain a safe, welcoming atmosphere that promotes the best possible learning environment for everyone in the school.  


Phone:(416) 394-2350
Fax:(416) 394-4403
Address:50 Leigh St, York, ON, M6N 3X3
Principal:Andre Patterson
Office Staff:Abby Austinie
School Council Chair(s):Wendy Kennah
Superintendent:Kimberley Pividor
Learning Network:LN04
Trustee:Liban Hassan
Ward:Ward 6