Students Outdoor Expectations

Recess Play Rules


Recess is a time for students to play with friends and be physically active. We encourage students to play with their friends and include others to join them. Students are to be inclusive in their play, excluding others is not an accepted practice at our school.

Students are reminded they must stay in the supervised areas of the school yard during recess. Access to the inside of the building during recess is only with the permission of a supervising teacher/staff.

Please note, the use of baseball bats (of any make/composition) is not allowed. The use of baseballs or “slow- or fast-pitch” softballs is also not allowed.

Playscape/Jungle Gym Rules

Slides are for going down…not up.

Wait for supervision before using the playscape.

Do not use the playscape when there is no supervision.

Treat each other with care and respect.

Students in grades 3-6 are not allowed in the Kindergarten Play Area.

Outside Winter Rules

Snow throwing or kicking (including snowballs or ice) is not allowed on the school property at any time. Students must be properly dressed for playing in the snow (hat, coat, snowpants, gloves and boots). Due to new regulations in the TDSB and OPHEA, sliding down hills on the school property, during school time is not allowed.

Code of Online Conduct