School Council

School Council

School Council is a fantastic way to get involved in life at Joyce PS.

Our team meets regularly and our School Council works closely with the school to help enhance our students' learning opportunities. We encourage you to attend the next Joyce PS School Council Meeting if you are free to do so.

Thank you!

Our first meeting was held on Tuesday September 27th, 2022 and was a great success. Despite poor weather outside our second meeting in November had just over 20 caregivers in attendance which was fabulous to see also. Our next meeting is scheduled for January.

Our 2022-23 Joyce PS School Council this year is led by:

  • Chair - Melissa Higgins
  • Vice-Chair - Roma Ahi
  • Treasurer - Eva Balca
  • Secretary - Severin Leal

We also have three caregivers on our Safe and Accepting Schools Committee in 2022-23. Eva Balca, Sean Leal, and Shoneaca Simmons have all offered to join this group.