If you wish to volunteer in the school, in the classroom or on a school field trip, a Police Reference Check is required. A PRC form only needs to be submitted once. It is then renewed each year by completing an online declaration. 

New Volunteers

Open to Volunteers who are above 18 years of age and reside in Toronto

Steps to follow:

  • Volunteer must complete the Police Reference Check – Consent to Disclosure Form. Please visit https://www.tps.ca/services/police-record-checks/

  •  TDSB code 202309TPSOND7EFC

  • Payment is made online. The current cost is $26.72

  • Please ensure to opt to share the results with the TDSB when submitting the application.

Annual Declaration

Volunteers who already have a Police Reference Check with the Board must complete an annual declaration online. At this time, this can only be done at the school. We will send home a form when it is required. There is no cost to renew.