Parents and Guardians of Lanor Students

At Lanor, we believe that the parents and guardians of our students are our partners in education.  Working together, we seek ways to ensure that students reach their potential in academics, social skills, well-being, and ability to contribute to their community.  Please communicate with your child's teachers as we continue this partnership.  Formal interviews are offered or requested in November and February of each school year, but communication is ongoing in other ways throughout the term.  If you would like to reach a teacher and are not sure of the best way to do so, call the main office at 416-394-7800 and we would be happy to facilitate.

Weekly Blasts are sent out to you by Ms. Wall-Ryel, with information about what is happening at Lanor and upcoming dates.  If you have a child at Lanor and you are not receiving the Weekly Blast, please let us know so that we can ensure you have access to the information you need.

You are welcome to join us at School Council Meetings, which take place 5-6 evenings per year in our library.