Youth Trails

Youth Trail Initiatives

Trails Youth Initiatives

Youth Trail Initiatives is new to Military Trail Public School.  We are lucky to be only 1 of 6 schools in Toronto supported by this program.  This program is offered to our Grade 6 students and continues into the secondary school careers.  Our goal is to instill practical skills, relevant knowledge, and the self-confidence to use them. Trails strives for lasting improvements in:

  • Social Competencies:  Creative self-expression, reflective journaling, understanding personal boundaries, conflict resolution, communication skills, cooperative teamwork, leadership, and mentorship.
  • Emotional Competencies:  Self-awareness, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-regulation, and coping skills during crisis time.
  • Physical and Mental Health:   Physical and outdoor skills development, environmental stewardship, healthy risk taking, reduced anxiety, and reduced use of narcotics and alcohol.
  • Academic Performance and Employability:  Responsibility for and commitment to education, effective problem solving, and employability skills.

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