COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream Funding Project
Our School has a COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream Funding Project.

Orde Street Public School

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Our Staff


Room 1AMs. Belcher and Ms. Bell

Room 1B Mr. Philpott and Ms. Dinanath

Room 5Ms. Mann and Ms. Ajmera

Room 8Mr. Lane and Ms. White

Primary Grades 1-3

Room 6 Ms. Raposo, Gr 1

Room 7 Ms. Campbell, Gr 1

Room 22 Ms. Lee Shee, Gr 1 / 2

Room 11Ms. Hughes, Gr 2 /3

Room 12Ms. Walker, Gr 2 /3

Room 18Ms. O’Dea, Gr 2 /3

Room 10A Ms. Tan,Gr 3 /4 

Junior Grades 4-6

Room 20Mr. Hasek,Gr 4 /5

Room 21 Ms. Bentley, Gr 4 / 5

Room 10BMs. Hawkins, Gr 5 /6

Room 17Mr. Lewis, Gr 5/6

Intermediate Grades 7-8

Room 15Ms. Kontomerkos, Gr 7 /8

Room 16Mr. Evans, Gr 7 /8

Prep Classes

DramaMs. Quintal (PM)

MusicMs. Jolic

Phys. Ed.  Mr. Bennett

Ms. YonLibrary

French Mme Street   

 Special Education and ESL

Special Ed Mr. Hanning

ESL Ms. D’Oria

Ms. Quintal

Ms Yon