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Your child is involved in learning activities designed to develop good character and help children make good choices. Our focus this month has been on RESPECT.

Your child can show respect by:

  • being kind to other family members
  • using polite language
  • talking and spending time with relatives and/or other family members
  • listening when someone else is talking

Questions to discuss with your child:

  • What does it mean to be respectful?
  • What are some different ways in which you can show respect: a) for yourself, b) for others, c) for nature and the environment?
  • How can we speak to others with respect? Can you give some examples?
  • How can we show respect for our belongings and the belongings of others?

Projects to do together:

  • Watch a television show or movie together, and talk about the various ways in which the characters acted respectfully or disrespectfully toward one another. Watch for put-downs, insults, and subtle forms of bullying.
  • Interview a grandparent or other relative, and take the time to get to know him or her better.
  • Plan how the family can do more recycling or reduce wastefulness. Organize a family project around this.

Encouraging respect in your child:

  • Praise and encourage your child when he or she is being respectful.
  • Speak to your child with respect, and answer his or her questions in a polite manner. Expect the same behaviour from your child.
  • Share an example of how someone was respectful toward you, and how this made you feel.
  • Encourage respectful manners and speaking politely to others in the community.


Thank you for supporting our Character Development program.