General Alert
Please note: We will be publishing updates for the Facility Condition Index and Renewal Needs Backlog sometime in the Spring of 2021.
General Alert
The Government of Ontario has announced that TDSB schools will remain closed to students and staff until at least Wednesday, February 10, 2021. During this extended closure, remote learning will continue.
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COVID-19 Parent Resources

TDSB COVID-19 Decision Guide and Student Health Pass

The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education updated the COVID-19 School Screening Tool. Please conduct a self-assessment with your child and sign the Health Pass daily. 

Updated COVID-19 Student Screening Tool 

Revised TDSB Student Health Pass

Back to School Confirmation Form

Toronto Public Health has developed a Back to School Confirmation Form for parents/guardians to sign in the event of their child have a suspected or confirmed illness to confirm their child is safe to return to school. Toronto Public Health is not recommending or requiring medical notes for return to school. 

Back to School Confirmation Form (Revised Dec. 4)

When to Self-Monitor, Self-Isolate or Send Your Child to School (Revised Dec. 4)

COVID-19 Fact Sheets