Spring Break








The entire Oriole Park staff wish all of our families a safe, restful March Break. We hope that you enjoy the time spent with family and friends! 




Building Character Builds Success!

Our focus this month is on Honesty!

Your child is involved in learning activities designed to develop good character and help children make good choices. Our focus this month has been on HONESTY.

Your child can show honesty by:

• sharing his or her feelings and being truthful
• telling the truth, even though he or she may know that there will be consequences
• being reliable and responsible in completing a jo

Questions to discuss with your child:

 • What does it mean to be honest? Discuss different ways to be honest with yourself, with your peers, and with others.
• What should you do if you need to tell the truth, but you know there will be consequences?
• How do you feel when someone else has been dishonest with you? What would you do?
• Once trust has been broken, what can you do to get it back? Have you ever lost someone’s trust? Has someone lost your trust?
• What’s the difference between being honest with your own family and being honest with someone you’ve just met?

Projects to do together:

• Watch TV shows or movies. Talk about the ways in which the characters were honest or dishonest with each other.
• Read the story entitled The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and discuss the importance of being honest.

Encouraging teamwork in your child:

• Give your child opportunities to tell the truth.
• Make sure that you explain to your child that you always want the truth, even though he or she may be afraid that you might be angry.
• Encourage and praise your child when he or she is honest.
• Model honesty by returning lost items.

    Thank you for supporting our Character Development Program

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