Our focus this month is on Kindness and Caring !

Your child is involved in learning activities designed to develop good character and help children make good choices. Over the month, families are encouraged to spend some time discussing ways in which they can develop and understand kindness and caring.  


Your child can show kindness and caring by:

• demonstrating these attributes toward themselves and others, including family, friends, and pets

• being aware of others’ feelings without teasing or using put-downs

• helping someone who is having a bad day

Questions to discuss with your child:

• How do we show kindness and caring toward each other in our family?

• What other things could we do to show kindness and caring toward our family members?

• What kinds of things can we do to show kindness and caring toward our friends?

• What does it mean to be kind and caring to animals?

Projects to do together:

• Engage your child in being kind and caring toward others by reflecting on his or her behaviour and identifying his or her acts of kindness.

• Write thank-you notes to those who have shown kindness and caring toward your child/family.

• Do something that shows kindness and caring for someone less fortunate.

Encouraging kindness and caring in your child:

• Show your child the importance of being kind and caring by displaying kindness and caring to your child and others.

• Share your feelings with your child, which provides him or her with the opportunity to be kind and caring.

• Expose your child to the power of kindness through random acts of kindness toward people, animals, and the environment.

• Read and discuss media stories that depict acts of kindness and caring.

    Thank you for supporting our Character Development Program

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