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Connect! Reach out! Check in! Relationships are a vital component of health and well-being. There is compelling evidence that strong relationships contribute to a long, healthy, and happy life. Relationships give us a sense of belonging, and, while we are physically distant from many of our family members and friends right now, maintaining connections with people is more important than ever. Keep connections with your friends and other important people in your life virtually by reaching out, sharing your coping skills, listening to each other, remembering good times and laughing...it’s the best stress reducer there is!


Relationships help us feel that we belong. We know how hard it is to be apart from friends, classmates, teachers and school staff. While we are social distancing, we are finding different ways to keep our relationships going. We are hearing amazing stories of kindness and caring throughout the TDSB and the world.

This week, reach out to someone with a happy picture or message to help build and strengthen those connections. You might try this by:

  • Leaving little works of art in your neighbourhood, such as a painted rock, when you go for a walk. Small gestures like this help make people smile.
  • Writing a message to your friends and neighbours on the sidewalk or fence in chalk, or send them an email or text.
  • Posting messages and pictures in your windows. Use any materials you have – a cereal box, paper towel roll, anything works!