Building Character Builds Success!

Our focus this month is on Perseverance!

Your child is involved in learning activities designed to develop good character and help children make good choices. Our focus this month has been on PERSEVERANCE!


Your child can show persverance by:

  • sticking to a task, even though he or she wants to give up
  • wanting to continue with something he or she is finding hard to learn
  • setting achievable goals and celebrating when they are met

Questions to discuss with your child:

  • What does it mean to persevere?
  • What can you do when you want to give up?
  • Why is perseverance important and what are some of its rewards?

Projects to do together:

  • Talk about and agree on a family commitment motto. Call a family meeting and decide on a family motto related to perseverance.
  • Make a list of achievable goals, including personal goals, family goals, and school-related goals.
  • Help your child set achievable goals, and assist him or her in achieving them.
  • Discuss a role model and how he or she has persevered to achieve his or her goals and dreams.

Encouraging perseverance in your child:

  • Encourage and praise your child to persevere, even when he or she wants to give up.
  • Reflect periodically on your child’s personal, academic, and social goals and whether these goals are attainable.
  • Discuss the importance of planning, prioritizing, organizing, and managing time as strategies to achieve goals.
  • If your child exhibits perseverance, let him or her know that you have noticed and are proud!

    Thank you for supporting our Character Development Program

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