Wellness Day 2012

Wellness Day - May 24, 2012

Owen Public School Supports Students’ and Staff

Mental Health and Well-being

At Owen Public School, we know that schools have a key role to play in promoting the health, safety, and well-being of their students. Good health involves everything from emotional and mental well-being to eating a balanced, nutritious diet to living an active lifestyle. When it comes to learning, good health is one of the most important factors for success in school.

On Thursday, May 24, 2012, we hosted our first annual school-wide Wellness Day to promote good health! All students from grades 1-6, including our special education classes, had an opportunity to preview 14 different workshops, including yoga, Zumba, break dancing, tennis, circuit training, cooperative games, obstacle courses, and a neighbourhood jog. Two creative drama workshops with a focus on building self esteem and conflict resolution were also available. Toronto Public Health nurses offered sessions on body image and nutrition, while our Parent Council funded and organized a Healthy Snack Station. Every student was given tips on healthy snacking, recipes and samples of fresh smoothies to curb hunger and boost energy.

During the afternoon, child therapist and children’s author Lynne Steffy worked with the primary classes. Lynne’s Felt Feelings Series are books designed to foster safe teaching and discussion of difficult topics and support children to cope with issues related to mental health and emotional and behavioural development.

In the evening, parents from our community were invited to listen to Lynne speak about strategies to help children develop emotional intelligence and ways to support children with issues such as: the healthy expression of feelings, symptoms of anxiety and depression, coping with anger, parent conflict, divorce and lack of contact with a parent, abuse, bullying, and coping with an illness or disability.

Students, staff, and parents enjoyed a wonderful Wellness Day, full of physical fitness activities and healthy living workshops. We know that the school environment has a direct impact on the self-esteem, educational achievement, and health of its students and staff. At Owen Public School, we strive to make every day Wellness Day.

Watch the video Wellness Day at Owen: