Our Classrooms

At École Owen Public School we do our best to innovate, create and inspire!

École Owen Public School is located in an area of York Mills that was originally the St. Andrew's Golf Course. École Owen is a dual track school offering instruction in both English (JK - Gr. 5) and French Immersion (SK - Gr. 5). Our school has multi-cultural diversity with one third of the children speaking a language other than English at home. 

At Owen we strive to enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and to acquire the knowledge, skills, and values they need to become responsible members of a democratic society. We value and are committed to providing a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, positive and respectful. Our Code of Conduct is rooted in commitment to our duties, respect for others and pride in ourselves. Safety is a priority and permeates all aspects of school life.

 Owen has lots of opportunities for our students to learn how to collaborate with others as well as develop into leaders who can inspire others.  Our school programs align throughout the grades allowing students to build on their previous knowledge.

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Owen 2019 - 2020 Teaching Staff

All teachers can be contacted by leaving a telephone message at the office or emailing them by using their firstname.lastname@tdsb.on.ca. Teachers cannot answer phone calls or meet with parents during class time.


JKSKA - Ms. Kruklis/ Ms. Rajan

JKSKB - Ms. Smyth/ Ms. Sen

JKSKC - Ms. Buchanan/ Ms. Tandon

JKSKD - Ms Courtney Smyth 

FI-SKA - M. Duench/Mme. Vaina

FI-SKB - M. Lee

Grade 1:

1A -  Ms Megan McRae   Twitter: @MsMcRaesGrade1
1/2B - Ms Sandra Hood 
FI-1A - Mme Bourassa-Wilson    
FI- B - Mme Mera

Grade 2:

2A - Mr Robert Rebick
2B - Ms. Goldstein
FI-1/2 - Mme Hammond
FI-2B - M. McArthur    


Grade 3:

3A - Ms Antoniou

3B - Ms Vezina
3/4A -  Ms Daiana Moreau
FI-3B - Mme Elena (Dana) Balaban

FI-3A - Mme Ching


Grade 4:

4A - Ms Lynne Hall

4/5A - Ms Christina Lam 
4/5B - Ms Elizabeth Kennedy
FI-4/5A - Mme Cerna
FI-4/5B - M Sion Price - https://pricefi.wordpress.com 

Teacher Librarian:

Ms Kellie Ierullo

Resource/Support Teachers:

Ms Burchell
Ms Cole
Ms Jagger
Ms Coutts

Prep Teachers:

Ms Paula Kuzic
Ms Carolyn Bromley
Mr Stephen Albrecht
Mme Sabrina Pennesi



Ms Cynthia Facun
Ms Jasmine Fontanos

Mr Luan Jazxhi




Class Placements

Student placements are decided by our Placement Committee, which consists of the sending and receiving teachers, the specialist teachers and the administration. The members of the committee follow the school’s placement policy and have the best interests of the children in mind. The following are examples of our guidelines used by teaching staff when placing students into next year’s class groupings. 

They include: 

  • Academic Strengths and Needs
  • Gender Balance
  • Social / Emotional Strengths and Needs
  • Class size

Occasionally, there may be personal information that is unknown to the school staff that may affect the child’s placement. This might include family changes, recent learning assessments or medical situations. Please feel free to share this information with your child’s present teacher and administration. 

In our network of schools, students and parents are notified of their class placement for the school year on the first day of school. We are trying to eliminate any possibility of disappointing or causing undue stress to children if classes need to be restructured.